Aion Armorsmithing 100-199

You didn't sign up for this to be glamorous.  You either signed up on this job to make money or make shields, mail, and plate for yourself.  This is a dirty job, and it's about to get a lot dirtier.  Bring your wallet.  Bring your mallet.  And bring your pallet of Titanium Ore.  ...It doesn't really rhyme, but this isn't the tradeskill of poets so don't blame me!

Honestly, you need to do one thing before you start this tier.  You need to identify why you're doing this.  Are you doing it to get to the expert level and craft some obnoxious looking orange pieces?  Are you doing this to collect all of the recipes and be THE BEST ARMORSMITH ON THE SERVER?!  Or are you just doing it to stay ahead of the curve and be able to take hits with the best of them with the latest in crafted goods for yourself? 

Based off that, there's three ways to your glory in Armorsmithing.

1, Hammer the latest and greatest work orders to plow through the levels as fast as humanly possible, not caring about experience or recipe rewards.  All they do is clutter your inventory anyway.

2, Slowly work your way through the lowest work order possible until you have your full sets of normal AND worthy titanium, and then normal AND worthy durable titanium.  Did I mention you completionists will be wanting both mail and plate?  You'll grind the 110s and 160s work orders until your eyes bleed.  Create all will not save ou from this agony.

3. Work with what you've got.  Skill up when you can while creating the goodness.  All guides I write follow this route, because what could be better than fun, experience, AND poentital profits?  Nothing I say!


The Create All button is your lord and savior.  So is the shift + click method of purchasing.  Pick up about 600 titanium ore and the respective charcoal.  Press a button and walk away.  Go watch a good movie, but you don't have time for Watchmen unless you're lagging pretty bad.  Come back to a skill level in the high 130's and a massive stack of much more workable material.


Push create all, but you'll have to buy some Acid first.  Titanium Wires and Chains should be your primary creations here, WIres taking precedence for the first level or three.  Once you have a good idea of what you're making for yourself when you get to the respective skill levels, make the titanium plates needed as well.  Keep in mind you'll probably be making both normal AND durable titanium versions, and the durable titanium take the exact same wires, chains, and plates.  Skill up while you can.  Make even more if you plan on trying multiple times to get the coveted Worthy Durable.


This all depends on your patience.  A combination of broker scanning and hard work clicking will tell you what level work order you want to do.  If either the recipes or the results are cheap for the armor pieces you want, then you can grind the highest level work order available and get on with it.  If that's not an option, you can run a low class work order to have a shot at getting those recipes.  I personally have a lot of trouble running more than 100 work orders consecutively, so I end up buying one or two pieces per tier.  Your mileage may vary according to luck and effort put into it.


Craft the standard Titanium Set now that you have the skill, materials, and recipes.  All you'll be missing at this point is a handful of flux and aether crystals.  Both of those may bankrupt you further depending on the server economy, but it's worth it.  You don't want to have to depend on a terrible world drop rate ever.   By now you've probably seen or heard some of the horror stories about places such as the Fire Temple that have been run 100+ times in a row without a meaningful drop from the boss of the instance.  Once that's done, start from the 160 work order and run it until you feel satisifed with the recipes you've received before switching to the highest available and getting it over with.

Speaking of getting it over with, you're done here.  Regular Armorsmithing is no more, and it's onto bigger and better things, or at least tougher armor.  Remember to keep scanning the Armor Flux market for bargains.  If you ever plan on crafting anything without buying Kinah from the scourge of RMTs, you will need some wisdom and luck at the broker.  Be patient and amass materials in advance when you see opportunities to buy at a reduced rate.  Unfortunately for us, an armorsmith is only as good as his flux inventory!  Buy low, so we can sell those armor sets high!

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