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If you grew up watching Iron Chef, or still watch it, you will slice and dice your way through Aion.  Most people use a great sword, you use a kitchen knife.  Cooking brings some amazingly simple, and yet, amazingly potent buffs to the table.  You can have one food and one drinking buff active at any given time.  Sure, you can buy these though a NPC, but not only is it expensive but inferior!  Join us in our cooking adventures as we slice and dice our way to gourmet status.

Cooking is one of the less expensive trades if you're going for the most sought after items, but don't let that fool you.  It can cost upwards of 2,000 in just store bought materials to make one dish, and you'll be making a lot of dishes to skill up later.  So don't think this is a free ride to 400 if you harvested some fish.  Sushi has a lot of other ingredients too!

Since cooking has a high potential for high quality results, expect this to take more time than other trade skills.  Note that this will be portrayed from the Asmodean side of things, but you can always substitute your Elyos version of these if something doesn't add up when you're following my guides.  I've written these for ease of use in the materials.  If you want to work order your way to the top, be my guest!  However, this a more efficient way about it, and the work order bonuses from cooking are absolute garbage.  You'll get 5 of the same recipe easily if you try to work order through a tier and no one wants them.


It's simple if you have some cash or powder.  Convert Aether Powder into Conide and roast that over an open fire for half an hour.  Of course, you'll need the DP to do the conversion, so I recommend you do it as you level somewhere.  Level 1 of DP can convert 20 powder into 30 conide.  Take this all the way until it's grey.  From there, it's an easy transition into Pujery from the lakes around Altgard.


Curry for everyone!  Raydam is a useless memory of your times before Daevahood, and is almost always dirt cheap.  Pick up a massive stack of it, or if you have to, fire up a new alt and harvest it in droves since no one else really touches it.  Raydam Curry is wonderful for melee classes looking to grind on higher level targets early on, so assassins and gladiators love it.


Boiling Krimer is where it's at.   The mages all love magic boost, and clerics will even use it when soloing since their offense is primarily magical.  It's one of the primary targets of most people leveling Vitality Extraction, so it should be in abundance but if you need to farm it yourself, you can find it and Otombliss in northwest Altgard.  Cooking this will get you to 70 easily.


Did you follow my vitality extraction guide?  If so, you probably have everything you need for this.  Horto from Brusthonin is our ticket to finishing off this tier, and it's everywhere in the southern farmlands near camp if you forgot.  Prices should be dirt cheap if you have to buy it since people will go after it for the repeatable quest.  The actual food itself isn't half bad either, as everyone wants to run around with more HP in the Abyss or even in general.  Broil away!

Cooking is one of those trades that is wonderfully easy to level, but you don't get a lot out of it until later.  Soon we'll be getting into the special recipes that provide double effects, and a lot of them are highly sought after.  Those are your main money makers in Cooking, and unfortunately you have to work hard to get there.  Or is it hardly working when you're just making food from the trash of the Broker and remains from your Vitality Extraction career?  That's up to you.  100-200 is coming up next, so look forward to it!

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