Aion - Handicrafting 1-100

Precious gems are so lovely.  They fit in necklaces, earrings, and rings!  They make the best christmas and anniversary gifts.  Give someone special the gift of fashionable green, blue, and orange jewelry today with the lovely skill known as Handicrafting!  Oh, and you'll be making silly stuff like bows and staves too, but those don't sound nearly as romantic. Then again, it sounds strikingly similar to a De Beers or Zales commercial but hey, the trade is what it is.

Handicrafting has a great setup compared to most of the other trades. You don't have a whole lot of recipes to obtain through work orders, and the base materials needed are in strong supply.  In other trades, you'd have to fight tooth and nail for the massive amount of metal you'd need, but basic precious metals such as silver and gold are not in high demand and can usually be picked up on the cheap.  When going for Noble procs, this makes your wallet much happier than any other trade demanding high quality results.  The downside is these ores are generally farmed less, so the high quality, pure, and brilliant versions can be more elusive or not on the broker at all.

Typically Rangers and Chanters pick this up so they can craft their own weapons as they level.  Crafted weapons always have an edge over those that drop, so it's a sound plan if you can afford to switch to it the moment it's available.  Anyone can pick this up for the simple fact it makes money though.  Every physical class jumps at the amazing Physical Crit jewelry, and the magic boost gear is quite good as well.  There's a reasonably good market for both if you're looking to make some money.

Get ready to chop until you drop!


Grab a few hundred Tecoma logs and maybe 100 silver ore.  Then grab some metal acid from the merchant, and show those raw materials who is boss.  Note that you can go to 40 on this but it requires far more raw materials than it is generally worth since you won't be spending too much time with them later on, and selling processed materials is quite hard.  If you don't plan on doing any actual products and are speeding through, repeat the level 1 work order for this.  It's more time consuming but free.


Switch to Tecoma Rods and Silver Ornaments at 30 to make it a little easier on you.  Take inventory of your fluxes and the market, and plan out just how many of each item you plan to make.  Again, don't make too many of these and finish off with work orders.  This goes double for silver since it's an expensive process to compare to other crafts of this level.


Slam those work orders down.  Go ahead and do the highest one possible for each, you're not missing out on any cool recipes in this tier.  When you hit the late 60s, if you want to make the Tecoma Staff/Bow, go for it.  Might as well get some good experience off it while you can.  It's mind numbing with only 8 orders possible for each, but you can do it!


Work orders, part deux.  There are actually a few recipes you want in this tier.  Make sure you get the Rose Quartz Earrings and Amethyst Ring recipes, low level rings that people will want to twink out with when they're available.  Since there's so little available to handicrafting at this point you should be able to pick them up with no problem by the mid 90's, but if you don't at that point start doing lower level work orders so you don't skill up as fast until you get them.  Once you train to Regular Handicrafting, give the rings, earrings, and weapons you want to craft a go.  Not too much profit to be had in the weapons, but people eat those jewelry pieces up!

And we're done!  Next stop, Wrud Logs become extinct and Gold goes out of style!  Don't worry, the next tier is just as easy as this one was.  There's a lot more profit to be had in the next tier of jewelry.  You'll need a good size kinah foundation or some farming skills to make the most of it though, so start now so you're ready for our next edition of Handicrafting, coming up next on Ten Ton Hammer! 

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