Aion Handicrafting 100-199

Handicrafting is one of those trades that just strikes me as being a paradox.  You have the finest work being done with the most precious metals in the game on one hand.  On the other hand, you're chopping lumber and sawing it into boards and smashing together bows and staves.  Either way, there's money to be made and plenty of materials on the market to work with for the 2nd step in Handicrafting!

There's millions to be made if you get lucky in this tier.  It all depends on your ability to play the market, stockpile materials, and possibly spend a few hours mining them yourself.  If you're pulling up this article to roll through this trade in an hour or less like you might be used to in some other games, I have two things to say to you.  The grind for this will be terrible no matter what you do, and I hope you enjoy the worst case of semi-afking coming back only to repeat the work order every 2 minutes or so.

I'm sure you're used to it by now, but these are written from an Asmodian perspective.  If you're confused, just replace Wrud with Koa whenever it shows up.  Then reroll as the real race of Aion.  We may have back hair, but we have more original designs than you prissy bastards.


Wrud logs are in high supply.  Gold ore is in high supply.  The question is which is easier to make?  Staves and Bows with very high flux costs?  Or should we take Gold Ore, which virtually no one wants, and turn it into good stuff later for fun AND profit?  The big downside to a primarily gold leveling pattern is the Acid--you'll need a TON.   Somewhere along the lines of 500-600,000 kinah worth probably.  Not for the faint of heart, I suppose.  Can't handle it?  Take the brutal 120-130 portion and work order it with the 100 work order to earn your patterns of great desire -- Topaz and Aquamarine Necklaces.


Plan on going for the necklace market?  Start off making Gold Ornaments here, and switch to work orders (110-120 only!) until you get your recipes of choice.  Then, once you have a comfortable skill cushion, mass produce the Gold Necklaces.  Vendor the normal ones to recoup costs and go check your horoscope.

Feeling lucky?  Make those necklaces now.  Profit.  They go for ~500k each for the noble versions, and the normal versions ~100k.  Topaz and Aquamarine are found en masse in the hills outside Taran's Cavern and the area northeast of the Fire Temple outpost if you need further material guidance. 


It's your last chance more or less to get any of the 100-150 recipes from crafting.  Assuming you got the two necklace recipes, you have the ones that matter, but if you're a completionist, run the lowest work order possible until you get them.  These recipes tend to go for a lot.  With that aside, go ahead and work order this range and craft any of the standard staves and bows you were thinking about earlier.   The market for these typically isn't as good since people like to bet on getting a weapon from NTC.  These people are likely punching themselves with a green weapon after hitting 29 too.  This is where you come in, but your 25 weapons don't exactly fit them at that point.  The 25 weapons are typically for yourself and guild mates -- they're a hard sell because of how quickly the 25-30 level range passes and then they could have a new crafted weapon of choice.


Just burn through it with high level work orders.  Doing this many at the maximum level is fine since the recipe range for this area in handicrafting is, well, lackluster.  You should have no trouble walking away with your Durable weapons in this process.

Perhaps the worst part about this tier is that it's the reverse of the others when it comes to materials.  The money is to be made in jewelry, and the materials to be found are quite plentiful for them.  In every other tier of handicrafting (or the first one as you might recall), wood dominates the market and is the leveling material good of choice.  A string of good luck, or even a sliver of good luck will instantly recoup your expenses for trying to produce those goods.  The best part about it is you can make them for yourself, over and over again until you have all of the matching jewelry you can handle.  I only hope that your character is a girl if you're worried about matching jewelry though, fortunately, plastic surgery tickets will be in the game soon!

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