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Tired of working with the trash fabrics and furs of the game?   Have you honed your skills to conquer the loom's test on your first pass?  Perhaps most importantly, could you afford to even get to 99 in the first place and purchase the upgrade to get you to 100 Tailoring?  Great!  Now we'll get you in on those pesky level 20-30 Strong Rawhides for Tailoring part deux!

I'll be breaking the mold here on how we do things.  Previously my guides have been about efficiency in materials from farming and general leveling.  Now we're going to take a different approach and combine work order efficiency with it to obtain the vast number of recipes available to tailors from this point moving forward.  Don't worry!  I'm not going to make you waste your money.  But doing it here, getting lucky, and getting a few Worthy recipes is worth it compared to going to the auction house and purchasing one for 100,000.  Such is the life of the Producer.

If you are looking to just blast through this nonsense to 399, you can more or less disregard my guide at this point.  Purchase 100-150 runs worth of supplies of the highest work order possible and just do your thing.   There's nothing wrong with this method unless you are a completionist when it comes to recipes.  You know that type, that's why they made that Usable Items button in WoW's auction house, so you could see that recipe you don't have and pick it up.  So skip the whole production process unless you're looking to make a piece or a set or corner the market as you exit the tier.  Such is the life of the progressionist.


Production Type : Process Twisp and Strong Rawhides to get a strong stockpile of materials.  Even if you don't plan on making stuff, this is cheaper since the leveling is so good for the first 10 levels or so of each item.  If you DO plan on making materials to level for a while, focus on textiles no matter what.
Progression Type : 100 Work orders.  Like you have anything else to do.  It might actually be cheaper to do the above method depending on your server/stash.


Production Type : More raw materials till 120 as needed for future goods.  Switch to the thread and textiles as you hit the mid 120's before the leveling gets too bad.  Start doing work orders at level 130, and start with the level 110 work order.  It should be losing experience points (for crafting)  Run the 110 work order all the way to 140 if possible and your head doesn't start hurting
Progression Type : Keep at the work orders.  Run 110 and 130 in particular.  Buy your materials carefully in large stacks, and save your excess, it will be reused.


Production Type : Run the 140 and 150 work order and nothing else.  You want every worthy recipe this tier has to offer since it's your first money maker (level 23 armor sets)
Progression Type : Have leftover flux and don't care?  Scan the broker for extra textiles and thread or use your own created earlier to produce some materials.  Bust out the extraction tools and twink out a new character!   Then run the latest work orders as normal for speed.


Production Type : Run the 150 work order to 170 at least, unless you have all the recipes you want.  Then produce anything you intend to work with for your level 23 sets.  Remember that you have nothing to gain in terms of luck or high quality chance by attempting it at higher skill.  All you will save is time.  This goes double if you actually plan on using your results at that level--get those equipped ASAP!  From here, run the 160 work order until it dries up at 190, and run the 180 from there to 199.  Doing that will get you all of the recipes you could ask for (hopefully) and set you up to product a level 28 set as you hit 200 and beyond.
Progression Type : The 170 work order is quickest.  Get to 170 with 160 and then buy a massive stack of materials.  Then window the game and find something more entertaining to do than click create all and the NPC 4 times over and over again.

Worthy Noble is your first big cash cow in tailoring, no matter what tier you focus on or can afford the fluxes from.  Cross your fingers and get your lucky charms every time you go to craft a piece of gear that can be used in another's recipe.  Remember that even if you don't make Worthy Noble, Worthy still looks just as good on the surface and all you're missing out on are someminuscule numbers.  Many people get hung up on the 'blue, blue I NEED BLUE' mentality and don't realize that it's only a few points of defense/evade difference.

How you wish to go about convincing the masses of the above is up to you.  Unless you have nothing to vend at this point, you progressionist!  Then you should gear up and bring your kinah for part 3, you'll need it!

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