Aion Weaponsmithing 1-99

Weaponsmithing is one of those trades that will never go out of style.  Somewhere, someone is looking to kill stuff faster.  Someone is looking to increase their output in the abyss, or further increase their killing speed when grinding.  The good folks at NCSoft were kind enough to make it so that crafted weapons almost always have a solid edge over any other similar weapon of the level.  Do you understand what I'm getting at?

People will want your goods.  Often.  Always.  Forever.

The major downside is this will bankrupt your checkbook on a regular basis.  People aren't very willing to settle for second best in weapons, so the non-high quality procs will likely have an appointment with your extraction tools.  And since everything a weaponsmith can do will basically consume the flux market since the other materials are fairly easy by comparison, they cost a pretty penny to say the least.

Don't get discouraged.  If you have to extract from your hard work, you can at least sell the resulting enchantment stone to make up part of your costs.  Perhaps the biggest thing to know is that you have to play the market to be a successful weaponsmith.  If you see fluxes plummeting in price or undercut by a large margin, snatch them up!  This goes double for the higher end level 40+ fluxes since the products of those will be used all the way into the end game, and if you're not familiar with the time it takes to level at that point you'll understand why they absolutely must have an epic weapon for it.


Steel, baby.  It's the start of all good weaponsmiths, unless you're playing Age of Empires and you have to start working with stone and copper first.  Pick up 120 ore and 120 Charcoal Briquettes and hit create all.  Then go do something more meaningful with your life.  Come back to 30,000 experience and a stack of materials you'll use for the rest of this.  If you plan on making more than 1 or 2 weapons in this tier, you'll need to make far more.   If that's the case, take this all the way to 35.


Turn the steel ingots into something a hammer can work with.  You'll be making Steel Rods and Steel Nails for the equipment you plan on making here.  The biggest thing to be concerned with is making extra.  These don't sell.  These have no value to anyone but us, and since Iron is in huge supply and doesn't have a high quality refine, you're wasting your time and money if you're making extra for no reason.  Once you've made enough here, work order the rest.


The problem with the trades of the Hammer is that there are few recipes obtained from work orders that are worth a damn for a very long time.  The good news is that 40-60 work orders all use the same materials.   Load up en masse and do the latest work order until you get to the high 60s.  Then, if you plan on making any of the weapons derived from Minor Weapon Flux it's time to give them a go.  With all weapons you want a comfortable edge just in case.  Failure is not an option with expensive materials!  Actually, failure might as well be when it doesn't proc high quality.  Damn it.


Same deal, with a little more annoyance in materials.   You can't use the same stuff for all of the work orders here, so suck it up.  You have to do it the hard way.  And by hard way, I mean buying materials every 15 minutes of work orders.  Isn't this difficult?  Sadly, there's not a lot to get in this tier of weaponsmithing for recipes.  You'll get mostly materials.  I wouldn't be surprised if you got ALL materials, but your leveling options at this point are ALL weapons.  Once you get to the high 90s, you should be good to make almost all of the Durable Steel brand of weapons.  Cross your fingers and pray for the best!

Selling off your hard work can be frustrating.  Make sure you're not making something that already has 3-4 of it on the market unless you plan on undercutting them.  Make the weapons that people want and need.  Make the weapons for your buddies and alts.  Above all else, make sure what you're making can be sold for higher than what you make it for.  That's a real problem in crafting for weaponsmithing later on.  But we'll get to that in our next segment and beyond!  Stick with that hammer boys!

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