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Elyos Vitality and Aether Gathering 200-299

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Now that you've made it up to the next tier of gathering, you've probably developed a system to raise your skills but make no mistake, gathering nodes are just as elusive this tier as they were in the last two.  Chances are you are working between the levels of 25-35+ so you'll need to do some crafty mob dodging as well as keeping an eye out for those Asmodian gankers.  The safety of Theobomos was nice, but you won't find much there to help you at this point and all your gathering will be happening in Eltnen and Heiron.

If you are in for the kinah, some of the big money makers in this tier are the meon petal used for dying armor, and nepeta and amalil, which are both used for potion making.  All of these can be sold for nice prices and reasonably quickly on the broker.

You can find vitality and aether extracting for skill levels 100-199 here or check out our full list of gathering guides for both Elyos and Asmodian here!


Material Collecting

Skill Level Collection Node Location
200 Adamantium Drake Habitat, Kuriullu Mountains, Heironopolis, Vaizel's Peak
210 Platinum Kuriullu Mountains, Vaizel's Peak
215 Garnet Kuriullu Mountains, Prellus Wasteland, Vaizel's Peak
220 Meon Agairon Village, Kuriullu Pass
225 Nepeta Kuriullu Mountains, Heironopolis, Vaizel's Peak
230 Pleuro Agairon Village, Black Tears Swamp
235 Sobi Lankusis Plateau, Kuriullu Pass, Gloomy Mire, Black Tears Swamp
240 Zeyla Lankusis Plateau, Kuriullu Pass, Heiron Observatory
245 Lapis Lazuli Geroch Caldera, Kuriullu Pass, Gloomy Mire, Black Tears Swamp
250 Ulmus Log Agairon Village, Kuriullu Pass, Poya Jungle
260 Ormea Poya Jungle
265 Megrim Gray Fog Marshes, Poya Jungle, Jeiaparan Village
270 Amalil Gloomy Mire, Black Tears Swamp, Poya Jungle
280 Moonstone Geroch Caldera, Gray Fog Marshes
280 Triora Gray Fog Marshes, Parched Barrens
290 Esosa Jeiaparan Village, Puitonen Bogs

Aether Extracting

At this level, Eracus Temple Cavern and New Heiron Gate have what you need.  The nodes are slightly less crowded at this level range, but aether gathers can be territorial about their nodes.  Gather during off-peak hours makes things a lot easier, so use that late night insomnia for something useful, like aether gathering!

200 Shining Vortex New Heiron Gate
225 Shining Vortex Eracus Temple Cavern, New Heiron Gate
250 Shining Vortex Eracus Temple Cavern, New Heiron Gate
275 Shining Vortex Eracus Temple Cavern
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