The Colorful World of Aion Armor Dyes

Armor dyes could be the most important fluff item in any game.  If a game doesn’t have it, you can bet the players have asked for it.  If a game does have it, nearly every player has

Armor dyes could be the most important fluff item in any game.  If a game doesnÂ’t have it, you can bet the players have asked for it.  If a game does have it, nearly every player has used it.  These little touches mean even more when you have a new game that offers limited armor sets for each class at any given tier.  Aion offers great customization for our character skins, armor dyes just allows us to take it one step further and lets us make our gear a bit more personal as well.

What can you dye?

You can dye any of your armor pieces: head, chest, legs, shoes, arms, gloves, and shield.  Accessories cannot be dyed.  To dye an item, right click or double click the dye or petal which will change your cursor into a little dropper, then click on the item you wish to dye.  The dye does not always color the entire piece but rather highlights it with color.  There will be parts of your armor that will not take the color and some parts may have a darker saturation than other parts.

What if you want to change color or donÂ’t like the way the dye looks?

There is dye remover that can be purchased in game.  It will remove the dye without affecting the armor piece leaving you to either re-dye the item or go natural!  You can dye, remove, and re-dye as much as you want to or can afford to.

Colored head to toe in turquoise dye

What is the difference between dye and petals?

Dyes currently come in pretty standard colors and the common colors can be cheaply purchased making a good option for early in the game.  Petals work like dyes do in the way they color your armor, but they offer far more variation.  As such, petals are harder to come by and are often more expensive.

A single dye will color a single armor piece the coordinating color.  The Daeva of Dyes, found in the major cities (Pandaemonium and Sanctum) has the common color dyes available or you can find them on the broker.  You can also get dyes as quest rewards or event rewards so keep an eye out for them!

Petals are harvested from plants throughout the world as rare items and can be found on the broker or bought from other players if you donÂ’t harvest or havenÂ’t been lucky enough to find one yet.  Petals come in a wide variety of colors and are unique to their region.  This means the Asmodian petal colors are different than the Elyos petal colors so if you covet a specific color from the opposing world, youÂ’ll have to go get it!

Petals also have a very cool unique quality of being able to control the saturation of color.  You can use multiple petals of the same color to change hue.  One petal will give you a pale color, and each petal you add will darken the color saturation.

Where can I find these petals?

If youÂ’ve checked the broker for petals then youÂ’ve probably noticed that the more popular and higher skill level colors are quite expensive.  If you want to use them, it is vastly cheaper to hunt them down yourself, or if youÂ’re a profiteer, there is definitely kinah to be had if you farm for these and sell them on the market.  Here is a rundown of what plants give the petals, their skill level, and what color they produce:

Elyos Regions

  • Wiki Petal (110 extract vitality) – Lime Green
  • Omblic Petal (165 extract vitality) – Crimson Red
  • Meon Petal (220 extract vitality) – Yellow-Green
  • Ormea Petal (260 extract vitality) – Orange
  • Tange Petal (325 extract vitality) – Blue-Violet
  • Ervio Petal (355 extract vitality) – Sea Blue
  • Lunime Petal(385 extract vitality)  Â– Gold

Asmodian Regions

  • Vinna Petal (135 extract vitality) – Ultramarine
  • Kirka Petal (180 extract vitality) – Light Purple
  • Brommel Petal (240 extract vitality) – Gold
  • Pressa Petal (275 extract vitality) – Orange
  • Merone Petal (325 extract vitality) – Turquoise
  • Kukar Petal (355 extract vitality) – Light Yellow
  • Leopis Petal (390 extract vitality) – Bright Cobalt


The drop rate for the petals is pretty low so donÂ’t get discouraged if youÂ’ve been harvesting and havenÂ’t found any yet.  It just takes a good bit of perseverance and a little luck.

Have fun exploring color with your characters and be sure to show off your colorful creations on our forums!

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