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Aion: Asmodean Aether Extraction Guide 200-299

Updated Sat, Dec 05, 2009 by Stow

You've done well to come this far.  Hours upon hours have been spent staring at progress bars, and unlike the other professions, if you AFK here, you are dead.  Even alt-tabbing has caused me to fall from the skies like a brick if something really distracts me.  You've spent ~140,000 kinah just training on how to waste your wings.
Now it's time to waste them some more.
This level will go a little faster than the other two simply because you have numbed yourself of the pain and suffering involved.  The good news is that you've got your level 30 wings and level 25 flight speed passive at this point, so you should be hitting at least 2 nodes per run depending on your addiction to wind serum.  The bad news is this level range will take a little more finesse and attention than before.  These areas are either at awkward heights, or have monsters hovering inches away from aggro range from the best rest spots.
Scared yet?  I hope you've got at least 5 empty cube slots.  There are four, FOUR possibilities from these nodes; Gems, Pure Gems, High Quality Gems, and Essence of Wind.  The 5th slot is to ensure you can still gather.  Now that you're prepared for the worst, we've got a little hike before our first destination.


In Morheim, head south to Mt. Musphel and then west past the encampment for the area's quests.  See that lava river right by them to the north west?  Run along side it and dive straight down to Node #1, with a rest spot right next to it.  Head due south along the walls to find Nodes 2 and 3, and do wide half circles along the east sky temple wall to find the most 200 nodes. This one is really easy compared to most starter tiers.


You probably don't need me to tell you this, but there are two 225 nodes right above nodes #1 and #3 on the same path as before.  Take the same circuit, grabbing the 200's until they stop giving you skill since they're faster and this tier produces amazing Wind Serum, so stocking up on Aether Gems is advised.  You'll end up using the same rest areas as you did for the 200 tier.


I'm going to be blunt with you here - this tier sucks.  The 250 nodes are clustered mostly in the middle of the islands of Sky Temple, meaning resting is quite perilous unless a group has cleared the nearby area.  One wrong landing and you might have to fly right off in a hurry.  On the other hand, you have the option of Beluslan as well, which is probably a better option.  The nodes in Beluslan are underneath the large structure in the sky, and in the distance far off otherwise.  It resembles the 150-175 tier in Morheim.  This one is your call, but I'd do Belusian.  Two good spawns reside on under the eastern outcropping.


So easy it hurts.  Off the eastern most point of the structure, rotating around you you should see no fewer than 4 275 nodes.  I don't have to hold your hand here.  Pop those wind serums and loot, loot, loot!  I noticed a much higher rate of Pure Aether Gems on these, maybe 12-15% of my attempts were Pure.

If you're made of money (and you should be if you sell these or the serum they can be used to produce), you're ready for the next step.  Burning Vortexes.  So for our next segment, reserve a spot in your local burn ward.  It's even more complicated than this tier was, and this time, I'm serious!  See you then!


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