Lifestyles of the Rich and Good Looking – Making Kinah in Aion

If Donald Trump played Aion, would he be Elyos or Asmodian?  It doesn’t really matter because once you’ve read this guide; you can be on your way to being as wealthy as the Trumpste

If Donald Trump played Aion, would he be Elyos or Asmodian?  It doesnÂ’t really matter because once youÂ’ve read this guide; you can be on your way to being as wealthy as the Trumpster without the bad comb over and weird lip thing.  There are a wide variety of ways in which you can earn extra kinah in game.  Some take more effort than others but even the easiest and smallest tip can amount of more change in your pocket that you may not have otherwise had.

Know Your Enemy - Just as some mobs of the same level give different experience, mobs will also drop different loot.  Humanoid creatures will drop coin in addition to loot and while the difference isnÂ’t staggering in reward, the extra coin does make it worthwhile to choose your targets wisely if you happen to be out grinding for XP or kinah.

Crafting is a great way to make a little extra kinah

Also keep in mind that named mobs and Abyss mobs will drop better loot.  I donÂ’t advocate farming named mobs during peak hours of gaming, but if itÂ’s a quiet day, hopping back to lower levels (a tier lower than what you currently play in works well if your solo farming) and hitting all the good named mobs is a easy way to pick up a little extra cash.

Pick up a Side Job – Gathering is a super easy and money making side job that every player should be taking part in.  You do have to pay money in order to advance your extract ability, but it is well worth it in the long run.  This will particularly pay off if you happen to level with the bulk of the player base and again at end game when capped characters are crafting more and in need of the resources.

Crafting, if you can tolerate it, is also an excellent way to make extra kinah.  Crafting consumables is always highly and consistently profitable since nearly every player needs them, and will continue to need them throughout their gaming career.

Playing the Market – The broker is your friend!  First, you need to learn to price items well.  The idea is to get the most you can within a reasonable amount of time so youÂ’ll want to stay in the median of what your item is selling for.  If you think that you have a great item and the market seems over saturated with the same item bringing down the cost, save it for when there are fewer on the broker.   A crop of green armor can sell out quickly and the less your item has to compete, the more kinah you will get for it.

Another great trick is buying underpriced items and then re-selling it for more.  There are players who will sell something, unaware of the value or they are trying to make kinah quickly at the sacrifice of getting a more fair value.  Buy low and sell high!  It may not work every time at first, but if you spend a lot of time watching the broker, it can become second nature to spot good deals.

The broker can be your best money-making friend!

Manastone Magic – There are quests that allow you to trade manastones you canÂ’t use for manastones you can use.  Common manastones donÂ’t fetch much on the broker or at the merchant, but +attack or +critical are two that sell quickly and for a nice sum of money and you have the chance of getting these when you trade in common manastones for the quest.   You can either pick up the quests (each tier will have them available at manastone removal NPCs) and use whatever you loot during your travels or you can gather cheap manastones off of the broker and use those.

Most of these little tricks can be done easily without having to go out of your way.  Nothing is more valuable than your time so always choose money making tricks that fit into what you are doing in game. If you have any of your own tips to share, please visit our forums and let us know how youÂ’re making kinah in game!

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