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Aion Heiron and Beluslan Rift Locations

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Rifts are an Aion player's link to the opposing faction outside of the Abyss and a great opportunity to engage in PvP as well as our only means to complete very rewarding spy quests.  Occasionally you'll need a specific rift or maybe you just want to hunt down an open one, either way it helps to know where these rifts appear.

Below you will find maps of Heiron and Beluslan. Marked in black are the outgoing locations for the residing faction. Marked in red are the incoming rifts for the opposing faction. So if you are looking to hop into a rift, visit the black locations and if you are waiting for the bad guys, camp the red locations.  If you have any corrections, please send them to me!


Heiron Rift Locations


Beluslan Rift Locations


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