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Aion's Asmodian characters, newly ascended and ready to tackled the big and wild world of Atreia, set out to Altgard to test their skills and rid the world of undesirables.
Aion's Asmodian characters, newly ascended and ready to tackled the big and wild world of Atreia, set out to Altgard to test their skills and rid the world of undesirables. This is no easy task for the young Daeva and each player will need every tool available to them in order to succeed in their adventures. Our Altgard Zone Guide is such a tool! To ease your passage through unknown lands, keep this guide handy for quest help and tips that will make your early level days far less painful.

After Ascension

Ahhh...sweet success!  After finally earning your wings and proving yourself to be the awesome Daeva that you are, you'll find yourself in the great Asmodae city of Pandaemonium.  From the big city you'll need to find the transporter and make your way to Altgard, the illustrious zone for the Asmodians.

Altgard will be your home for the next nine or ten levels and while you certainly don't have to experience all the content this zone has to offer, it never hurts to know what is there!  I personally ran through this zone twice, once during closed beta and again during open beta it was better the second time around when I had more than just a weekend to explore all the nooks and crannies.

This may be the prettiest swamp you'll ever see.

Altgard Fortress

The first order of business is to bind here.  This will be your place of business for a while and you definitely do not want to die for the first time here and remember that you are still bound in the newbie area!  In the Fortress, you will find several different merchants including armor, weapon, general, and potion merchants.  There is also brokers, and a flight and transporter hub that will take you around the zone as needed and back to Pandaemonium when you need to upgrade skills.

The quests here will get you started and acquaint you with your exciting new gift of flight.  There are really only two spots where flight is truly possible in Altgard, and here at the Fortress is one of them so practice often!  Quests are fairly easy at this point, small tasks such as The Lobnite Problem and Ice Lake Crystals will keep you safely in the surrounding area while you learn the ins and outs of your new sub-class while quests like Mau in Ten Minutes a Day will net you a nifty new title.  Both quests Mau in Ten Minutes a Day and The Scribbler will take you to the dungeons beneath Altgard Fortress.  To get there, follow the path north along the west wall and you will find a guarded entrance that takes you below the city.



Most class skills update at level 10, 13, 16, and level 19.  Save time by planning your trips back to the city at these levels or if you have the kina, buy as many upgrades as you can all at once!



Moslan Crossroad

Finally out into the wild world of Altgard!  You'll be encountering many dangers now as you delve into the lands of hostile creatures and strange inhabitants.  Your first stop is a camp in Moslan Forest which you will reach from the other side of the cave from Altgard Fortress.  The quests here will level you to twelve with no troubles.  The level eleven quests will keep you killing and collecting near the camp but most of the quests will take you into the nearby Mumu Farmland.  Frightcorn Seeds and Picking off Frightcorn have you focusing on thinning the population of Mumus.  Two of the campaign quests will be completed around here as well.  A Dangerous Crop is a good one to complete while doing the previously mentioned Mumu Farmlands quests.  Scout it Out is a great Campaign Quest but also very dangerous and confusing.  You're tasked with scouting the Manir's Dock where the Lepharist Revolutionaries are camping.  In order to progress you'll need to go inside the cabin and retrieve a document from the table.  This cabin is surrounding by hostile enemies so it's a good idea to be either a level higher than the mobs or bring a friend or two for support.  The cabin is also of importance if you pick up the Manir's Uncle quest from the NPC located near the waterfall by the cabin.  He wants you to get his safe found "at the back of the house" but thankfully he means on the outside of the cabin so you only need to sneak in around the back and grab the "safe" from the purple box.  Scout it Out will lead you on to your next location of business, Basfelt Village.

Basfelt Village

Arriving at Basfelt Village you will certainly enjoy being in a more populated area again.  There are merchants, a bind obelisk, and flight travel here so you can feel free to bind and still have easy access back to Altgard Fortress.  You'll probably be stationed here for several levels as many of the quests and surrounding mobs will take you through to level sixteen.  The mosbears of the region end up being the victims of your many quest endeavors including timed tasks called Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and A Friendly Wager that gives you a specified amount of time to kill mosbears.  It seems like you have quite a bit of time to complete these task but be aware that a dozen of other players are doing similar quests and want those same mobs! 

Early on in the village, quests will keep you close to Idun's Lake but the higher level you get, the further out you will be sent.  Mumu Village and Mosbear Habitat are both fairly dangerous areas but both yield nice rewards.  Making a New Start rewards a great amount of experience plus a nice ring for players brave enough to complete the quest.  Finding the wives is quite a challenge though.  Just remember to use the linked search feature for each wife and keep in mind that they are not always spawned so you will likely need to camp a bit to snag the wives you need.

The Broken Honey Jar is another challenging quest.  You are sent to retrieve honey from the hives in the Mosbear Habitat but these little hives have a somewhat unpleasant surprise for you.  Some of the beehives will spawn a level 16 or level 17 very angry mosbears as you collect for it so be prepared to either fight or run away very quickly.  If you kill enough mosbears, you may pick a tanning knife that gives the quest A Thorn in its Side when you inspect it.  It's a quick and easy quest to do that will give you 12,500 xp for doing next to nothing so keep an eye out for it in your travels.

At level 16, your options as to where to play broaden and group content comes into the picture.

Knock, knock? No one home in this canyon hut.

Gribade Canyon and Crater Lake

For the solo players, you'll end up staying on the linear route through the canyon and on to the lake.  At the crater lake, the Gerger will keep you busy hunting ribbits with A Drinking Problem and finding a lost insignia with the quest The Gerger's Insignia.  The insignia, found in front of the waterfall pouring into the lake, is an easy enough task to complete, but you may find a bit of challenge with Gathering Kandula.  This quest, picked up on the west side of the lake from Viel, requires a collection skill of 45.  This is not the only collection quest you will get in Altgard so be sure to take care to keep up your gathering skill.



Gliding is helpful in quick travel but is definitely an art form!  For the best results, travel using your Num Lock or auto-run key then jump from hill peaks or ledges then hit your jump key again, while in mid-air, to glide.  You may use your mouse to control your direction and elevation.  Glide is also helpful to avoid falling damage.  Hit your jump key before you hit the ground to float safely down.



Mahindel Swamp

You'll notice that to the east of Altgard Fortress there is another path that leads to Mahindel Swamp.  This area leads to the group area where several campaign quests, like Know Your Enemy, will need to be done.  While many might think that it isn't a region you'll want to wander into without a few friends, in my exploration I found quite a bit to do as a solo player over here.  There are a few soloable quests found at the entrance.  Shugo Potion is difficult to do if you aren't prepared.  You need to find the malodor pollen and return it to in less than 5 minutes to Mabrunerk.  Not all malodors will drop the pollen so waste no time getting in and getting these guys found and killed.  The tasks that you do right in the swamp will keep you dodging some of the group mobs that inhabit the area so be mindful of where you are.

From the swamp you can travel to the Black Claw Outpost, Black Claw Village, and Zemurru's Grave which are all most definitely group areas.  The content here will require a well rounded group but players will be rewarded with challenging gameplay and nice loot drops and experience.  There isn't much in the way of quests for this region, outside of the campaign quests that lead you here, but it does offer the undeniable joy of killing sprees!

You can also make your way to Calderon Hill which provides level 17 and 18 solo content.  If you choose to venture up here, be sure to stop in at the little water inlet.  Urnir will ask you to find A Monster in a Box from the cargo crates floating in the water.  While killing these you may pick up the dropped quest A Bill Found in a Box.  Activate the quest and remember to stop in and talk with those NPCs when you head back to turn other quests in. 

Past Calderon Hill you'll come to an observatory that will have a few things to do, one being the campaign quests Trespassers at the Observatory.  If you are solo, getting into the camp can be quite a chore but there is a simpler way then just running through the front door!  Between the observatory and the Lepharist camp you will find an alcove with birds and sparkies and more importantly, a back path into the Lepharist camp.  If you clear the area around the path, you can sneak into the backside of the camp and pull Lepharists back into the alcove.  This is particularly helpful when you need to kill camp boss.  The Captain paths near that back entrance.  Pull him back into the bird laden alcove so that when he runs, he won't be running right into a group of his very unhappy pals.



Getting a little too crowded in your adventuring area?  Change channels!  Aion utilizes instances to keep zones from overcrowding and all you have to do to switch is click on your menu button at the bottom of your UI, hover over "Support" and choose "Change Channel".  A box will pop up at the top of your screen showing you which channel you are in and allowing you to drop it down and choose a different channel.



Trader's Berth

The Trader's Berth is a quick stop between other major quest hubs but it's a worthwhile place to check out.  There is an flight transporter here but no obelisk so keep that in mind when you are choosing where to bind.  I chose to bind at the Impetusium rather than Basfelt Village since it was a bit closer for travel back to Altgard Fortress.

The Heart of Impetusium.

At this point you may find that you are going through quests a bit quicker than you can level.  Peckus are readily available here and very plentiful so they make a good grind mob if you want to grind a bit.  For questing, Securing the Supply Route will keep you busy killing Crimsontail Amphas while Chasing the Legend sends you to seek out Minusha's skeleton to lay the spirit to rest.  The haunted remains are found in Urutemheim.  Clear a few of the Peckus around the remains then right click the skeleton to summon the beast and kill it.


This very well could be your last stop in Altgard!  Geared for players levels 18-19, this is the other area in Altgard where you can fly and are encouraged to do so.  You'll find quests here both in the camp on the ground, and at the camp near the top of the Heart of Impetusium.  There are also quite a bit of mobs here so you won't be left wanting for something to lay waste to.

Most of the quests here will have you hunting the various spirits that reside in the Impetusium.  Turbulent Mist Spirits and Turbulent Splash Spirits can be found in the waters to the south of the Heart while your hunt for Soul Essences will have you killing the various humanoid spirits that are found all over.

The repeatable quests, Mutated Spirits, comes from Lateni from the top of the Heart and will award coin and experience each time you turn it in making it a great quest to pick up if you plan on grinding here.

Even if you skip out on all of the group content (which would be silly because it is excellent content!) you will still end up at about level 18 or 19 when you complete everything in Altgard leaving you ready to move on to the next zone to experience new things.

Visit the next page for full sized map of Altgard and a list of the zone's quests!


Map of Altgard


Altgard Quests


Quest Title

Quest Level

Quest Giver

10 Heidunn
10 Morn
10 Nemnef
10 Nirmirn
10 Venoa
10 Tulberg
10 Emissary Emgata
10 Itu
10 Thrud
10 Repeatable Lakutu
10 Repeatable Lakutu
11 Rion
11 Olenja
11 Olenja
11 Tigg
11 Loriniah
12 Olenja
12 Tigg
12 Tigg
12 Manir
12 Tigg
12 Groken
13 Lamir
13 Garuntat
13 Gornak
13 Groken
13 Gornak
14 Priest Gefion
14 Tanning Knife - A Mosbear Drop
14 Hunmir
14 Shania
15 Shania
15 Lamir
15 Mantigar
15 Mirokin
15 Daike
15 Gefion
16 Nerhel
16 Viel
16 Suthran
16 Mabrunerk
16 Mabrunerk
16 Eggther
16 Gilungk
16 Gefion
16 Mantigar
16 Kaibech
16 Gilungk
16 Vovetirn
17 Luimerk
17 Taora
17 Neparinerk
17 Gercus
17 Vovetirn
17 Germir
17 Gemyu
17 Gulkalia
17 Gemyu
17 Germir
17 Neifenmer
17 Taora
17 Dellalont
17 Valurion
17 Urnir
17 Urnir
17 Germir
17 Neifenmer
17 Neifenmer
18 Irlein
18 Nemnef
18 Gulkalla
18 Sinood
18 Andgar
18 Grak
18 Grak
18 Babarunerk
18 Repeatable Lateni
18 Banatisai
18 A Bill - A Cargo Crate Drop
18 Suthran

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