Aion Verteron Zone Guide

After ascension, every Aion Elyos player will find themselves in the big and dangerous lands of Verteron.
After ascension, every Aion Elyos player will find themselves in the big and dangerous lands of Verteron. There is much to see here from levels 10 through 20 and lots to miss if you don't know where to look. Get all the vital zone info and some great tips for adventuring the lands along with a list of available quests in this all inclusive Verteron Zone Guide!


After Ascension

Thus far you have traveled safer lands and have familiarized yourself with your character and gameplay which means you are ready for more challenge!  During the ascension quest you'll be taken to the major Elyos city of Sanctum.  It is here that you will purchase your skill manuals for your class and will progress your talents as a crafter if you so choose to.  This basically is the hub for the Elyos race and you can expect to make your way back here on a regular basis.  There really is no need to bind here though when you head out to adventure.  Travel back and forth to Sanctum can get expensive and you can expect to die a lot during these lower levels.

Your first stop after ascension, is Verteron.  This is the zone that will take you from a level 10 newbie to a level 20 master of your class.  A lot changes during these levels and you'll be striving to get a better feel for gameplay now that you have chosen your final class.  To travel to Verteron, locate the transporter in Sanctum and choose your destination.  This will get you on your way!

The view of Ellun River Mouth doesn't hint at the dangers that lie beyond.

Verteron Citadel

Welcome to Verteron!  The Citadel offers nearly everything you need during your time in Verteron with the exception of class trainers for skill manuals.  Here you will find various merchants, a broker for player traded items, plenty of quests, and tons of other players milling about.  You can fly here and I suggest that you do it often if only to get a feel for how it works.  Honest Merchant and Lobnite Hunt are both quests that will take you outside the city walls and familiarize you with the creatures that surround the Citadel.  The Ancient Lobnite Fossil quest can be a bit of a challenge but thankfully the fossil is in a static location found up on the cliffs southeast of the Citadel.  The fossil is rather large so easy to spot but you will have to fly up onto the cliffs to get to it.

The Citadel is a great starting point and will primarily give quests for levels 10 and 11.  Check back though because higher level quests will open up regularly, often introducing you to a new NPC in a higher level area.



The fossil is found at coordinate x-1799, y-1751, z-146. Hover over any location on your map to see the location of any coordinate and move your cursor to find the location of the spot you are looking for!



Tolbas Village

On your way to Tolbas Village, you'll come across Belbua's Farm.  You'll want to stop here and do the quests as Nola the Scarecrow has a line of quests, including Nola's Request and Belbua's Treasure that will award the title "Straw for Brains".

Tolbas Village is a great location to kick back for a few levels of questing and grinding.  Located near the Dukaki Mine and Settlement, there is plenty of content here to tide you over through levels 12-15.  Most of the quests in the village will take you into the mines.  The mobs here vary greatly in level range, the lower level mobs being mostly in the outer areas.  Retrieving Supplies is a great quest that will take you all around the mine.  The supplies spawn around huts and structures, some are easier to get to than other so if you are a little too low level to travel deep into the mine, the supplies will re-spawn and can be repeatedly harvested from the same location.  The quest Missing Village Seal forces you deep into the mine, but if you stick to the paths you can make in there with less aggro.  The quest will have you grab the attention of a named mob, Mimiti.  All you have to do is get her aggro then run back to Gaphyrk.  Anything else that attacks you will wander off during the following cutscene.

One of the more interesting quests in Tolbas Village is also one of the most rewarding.  At level 15 you can pick up Lighteningfoot Tuka. This quest is quite the trick!  You need to kill Tuka, but when he spawns he runs off rather quickly.  You need to follow him while attacking which makes having ranged attack or stuns extremely useful here.  The reward for this quest is a new title that grants a +3 speed increase so it is well worth the headache!



Remember that you can switch titles whenever you wish to! If you pick up the Bottled Lightening title, you can use it during long stretches of foot travel then switch back to a combat title when you need to.



There are quests in Tolbas Village that won't take you into the mines and will instead send you out to the surrounding Tolbas Forest.  In The Secret of the Special Omelet you'll get to steal the eggs of the frillnecks.  These scary dino creatures are great fun to kill but if you are looking to avoid them, you can snag the eggs from the tree nests by timing your entrance into the trees for when the frillnecks are pathing around the backside of the tree.

Another great quest that confounded many players in game is Feeding Hianu quest.  This isn't a difficult quest, but players kept getting hung up at the part where you need to collect verteron pepper for the chef.  You can snag this elusive ingredient from the grocer in Verteron Citadel.  Select the "buy" option and you'll find the pepper under the "materials" tab.

Don't be afraid to head out and adventure around the Tolbas Forest area.  You'll find a couple of small camps in the region that are not marked on your map.  Geolus' Campsite offers something for those willing to wonder that far out into the forest in the Frillneck Habitat area.

Don't get caught unaware in the Contaminated Swamp!

Zumion Canyon

Once you've outgrown the Tolbas Forest and village, at around level 16, you'll want to make your way up through the Dukaki Settlement and travel to the Zumion Canyon.  There isn't much to see through here but it is a great area to gather resources in.  You will stumble upon a headless statue that offers a quick and easy task.  Headless Stone Statue asks that you find his head which was lost after decades of deterioration. You don't have to look far, the head is found in the water down the water fall below the statue.

Through your travels here you'll also come across pilgrims with a couple of quests for you.  These are worth stopping off to do, but the canyon is really just a gateway to far more interesting troubles and dangers that you will find in the Contaminated Swamp.

Contaminated Swamp

For levels 16-18, you seem to move through regions faster and with less progress on the experience bar.  At this point, it's a good idea to slow down a bit, gather resources to keep that skill up, and kill mobs just for the sake of quicker xp gain.  If you're only questing through Verteron, you'll find holes in content that will leave you grinding to get to the next level so keep this in mind during your travels.

Contaminated Swamp is a nasty little area where you will definitely want to not turn your back on that swamp.  The creatures here move in and out of the water so if you get too close, you'll find yourself dead along the shores!  The swamp has a small camp that offers a few quests killing some of the local wildlife.  Immortal Plant has you collecting plant samples from the swamp.  The plants grow along the shores and upon the small islands in the swamp.



Don't neglect your harvesting skills! You'll run into several quests in Verteron that will require you gather from harvesting nodes around the zone and skill levels will become obsolete quickly if you neglect them.



Pilgrim's Respite

Finally, a proper camp!  Pilgrim's Respite is a shining haven for weary adventurers in the mid-teen levels.  Not only will you find a merchant here, but there is also an obelisk for binding and a flight transporter.  This is the perfect place to bind for the remainder of your travels in Verteron.

There are a few quests to do here, that will take you to about level 18.  You'll need to dispatch local wildlife that has become dangerous with the Violent Plumas quest.  While out completing the Mysterious Stones quest, you can pick up the Dampening Spirits quest.  Dampening Spirits is repeatable for a small amount of experience and coin so if you find yourself needing to gain a level, it's a good one to pick up while doing other quests.

Tribute to the Temple is a quest that you can pick up here that will introduce you to Miraju's Holy Ground when you're ready to move on. 

Miraju's Holy Ground

This adventuring area is unlike any other you have played in thus far!  Pieces of the tower are here so the entire region is flyable.  In fact, the camp for Miraju's Holy Ground is up in the shrine so you will have to fly just to get up there.  There are a couple of quests to pick up here in the level 18-19 range.  Unquiet Spirits requires that you slay the water spirits on the ground.  These creatures are everywhere and the entire area is open so using them to perfect your flying combat skills is a great idea.  It takes practice to attack while in flight and you won't find a better place in Verteron to do it.

If you are just questing, you won't be at the Holy Grounds for long.  It certainly doesn't hurt to spend a little time grinding mobs, particularly if you are playing with your flight skills, so hanging back here until level 19 just to grind mobs is completely reasonable.  When you are ready, Secretive Scorpion is a segue quest that will lead you to the final hunting ground for solo players in Verteron.

Cantas Coast is your last stop in Verteron.

Cantas Coast

If you are soloing or playing with a duo, Cantas Coast will likely be your last stop in Verteron.  Your final campaign quests are here including the campaign quest that has you masquerading as a parrot to sneak behind enemy lines!  Be careful traveling here from the Holy Grounds though.  The Tursin Garrison is a challenging region and it can catch solo travelers unaware if you just run through thoughtlessly.  If you are having trouble getting past the garrison, you can always fly back to Verteron Citadel from Pilgrim's Respite and take the flight transporter directly to Cantas Coast using the Observatory flight location.

You should be able to easily make your way to level 20 here.  Most quests such as Flotsam which has you destroying cargo boxes in the water (some are alive!) and Potcrab, the Headache (another repeatable quest!) will keep you near the camp and fairly safe from danger.  The shipwreck nearby has oodles of Lepharist Revolutionaries that are plenty of fun and profit to kill.  Revolutionaries on the Shipwreck will send you in to take care of these interlopers which is easy to do solo, but the campaign quests here may require a group in order to progress.



Repeatable quests are there for a reason! Grab these quests every time you pick up other local quests for extra experience and coin as a habit. You'll find that they take little effort to complete but offer worthwhile reward.



Ellun River Mouth

You'll notice on the map of Verteron that there is the entire southwest region that we have yet to cover.  What makes this portion of Verteron so different?  Ellun River Mouth, Tursin Outpost, Tursin Garrison are all group regions that you will not want to venture into solo.

Ellun River Mouth becomes usable for groups at around level 16..  The quest Wedding Ring from Verteron Citadel will introduce you to the area, but this will end up being the only quest you can do here solo.  Once you've found the ring, located down the cliff from the guard post, you'll want to only return when you have a few friends with you.

The level 17 quest, A Foolish Gamble will take you inside the Tursin Outpost to find Krall supply crates.  While the task sounds easy enough, the hordes of group quality mobs that roam the region will be cause for care when traveling through here.

Groups can find plenty to do here from levels 16 all the way through level 19.  There aren't a lot of quests but the challenging group encounters make for great experience, good fun, and lucrative loot for those brave enough to adventure through the dangerous Tursin camps.

Visit the next page for full sized map of Verteron and full list of the zone's quests!


Map of Verteron


Verteron Quests


Quest Title

Quest Level

Quest Giver

10 Hyacinte
10 Nadaelo
10 Drasia
10 Adelia
11 Ivis
11 Nestor
11 Perinens
11 Geno
11 Ondanius
11 Manoes
12 Ondanius
12 Scarecrow Nola
12 Scarecrow Nola
12 Scarecrow Nola
12 Gano
12 Qydro
12 Nemi
13 Beris
13 Kinesos
13 Abolos
13 Eradis
14 Maniparas
14 Saminel
14 Abolos
14 Priest Santenius
14 Gaphyrk
14 Gaphyrk
14 Naia
14 Maniparas
14 Saminel
15 Hianu
15 Illos
15 Lepios
15 Ramor
15 Anasia
15 Abolos
15 Headless Stone Statue
15 Mairon
15 Dronoa
15 Thersites
16 Roseino
16 Roseino
16 Enia
16 Lagos
17 Roseino
17 Vascus
17 Lagos
17 Vascus
17 Meliodas
17 Ibion
17 -group- Estino
18 Vascus
18 -repeatable- Anontrite
18 Lunax
18 Une
18 Cerios
18 Zephyros
18 -repeatable- Zephyros
18 -group- Meteina
19 Phorcys
19 Khidia
19 Morai
19 Gen

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