Aion: Ascension and "Truly Free" Release Date Announced

Aion adds more content and free-to-play with the 3.0 Ascension update set to launch on April 11th.
Dust off your wings Daeva. Aion has set the release date for its 3.0 Ascension update that will add a ton of new content and make the jump to free-to-play. The 3.0 update is set to hit North American servers on April 11th and will add the new “Truly Free” business model, a new housing system, six new instances, a level cap boost to 60 and a lot more.

Check out the latest trailer after the break and visit the Aion website to learn more.

Source: Aion: Ascension 3.0 Truly Free Launching 4/11/2012

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