Aion Reveals 4.5 Steel Cavalry Update

Play as the Aethertech and take control of the Illuminary Obelisk in Aion's 4.5: Steel Cavalry update.

NCsoft today revealed more details about the upcoming 4.5: Steel Cavalry update coming to Aion in the near future. The new content update will add the third new class with the Aethertech, Illuminary Obelisk, and the Iron Wall Warfront.

The Illuminary Obelisk
Built to protect Katalam from an outside attack, The Illuminary Obelisk is a point of strategic interest. The Obelisk houses a shielding device that has been sabotaged by Beritra's 43rd Destruction Unit. Daevas must bolster their forces and advance on the Obelisk to regain control of its defensive power if they hope to repair the shielding unit and turn the tides of war in their favor.

Iron Wall Warfront
Governor Pashid held a slim victory over the Eternal Bastion, but had suffered heavy losses from previous battles. Elyos and Asmodian spies discovered that Pashid's forces had dwindled to the point of weakness, and that now is the opportune moment to press their advantage. A new Warfront has erupted to claim the Eternal Bastion!

While no release date has been set as of yet beyond “coming soon.” So stay tuned and we’ll update you when we have more.

Source: Steel Cavalry Announcement

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