Aion's Remember Trailer Hints at Looming Death

By Stacy Jones -
Aion’s latest trailer aptly titled “Remember has some fans calling it the death of Aion, but more rationally it likely signifies some new content such as the long-awaited 3.0 update or an event that could bring a darker tone to the MMORPG. Or perhaps the looming shadow could signify the death of subscription and the reflective montage is a look back on the subscription time, hailing Aion going free-to-play in NA as it recently did in Europe. Grant it, that last one may be getting a bit too philosophical.

The brief trailer begins with a simple statement –“They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die.” The short montage then shows a few moments from the game in black and white, but what it’s leading to is still a bit unclear. Can you figure it out? Check it out after the break and tell us what you think.

Source: Aion Facebook Page

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