Allods Online Launches Subscription Server Free of Item Shop

Posted Fri, Oct 04, 2013 by Martuk

Players of Allods Online that don’t want to be bothered by the need to use the item shop can now opt into a new subscription server. Webzen today announced that the new subscription server for Allods Online is now available to players along with a few server exclusive benefits such as 30% faster leveling, twice as many stat points, bigger bags, the ability to earn mounts from game activities, and more.

As part of the new server launch, players can take part in a race to max level event. The first player to make level 55 from both the League and the Empire will win a number of rare items such as the Talisman of the Chosen One, Magical Folio, the Royal Outfit, Royal Cloak, and Royal Hairdo. There are some rules so be sure to check them out here.

The subscription server cost comes in three forms with one ($13), three ($30), and six ($54) month options. Additional subscription server and pricing details can be found here.

Source: Allods Online Subscription Server now Available


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