Allods Online Previews New Reincarnation System

Allods OnlineÂ’s previews its new Reincarnation system that gives players the option to create a new character from their old one. Very often in MMOGs a player will have to reroll and start a new character if they want to try out different classes. This method of playing has actually begun to phase out a bit with systems like RIFTÂ’s Ascended Soul system and now Allods OnlineÂ’s Reincarnation system.

The new Reincarnation system will be available in Allods Online with update 2.0.04 to players of at last level 46. By undergoing the reincarnation ritual, players will then be able to birth a new character of a different archetype and tied to the character that they performed the ritual with. This comes with a number of benefits such as shared mounts, bonuses and items between the two linked characters. Not to mention you donÂ’t have to grind up another character to play a new archetype.

However, leveling as your newly incarnated self does come with some drawbacks. You can only gain experience while under the Reincarnation effect, which decreases damage dealt and healing done by 33% and also decreases experience earned by 10% when you die. There are pros and cons to the system, so head over to the Allods Online website and check out the full system preview.

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