Allods Online Previews New Reincarnation System

Posted Mon, Jun 13, 2011 by Martuk

Allods Online’s previews its new Reincarnation system that gives players the option to create a new character from their old one. Very often in MMOGs a player will have to reroll and start a new character if they want to try out different classes. This method of playing has actually begun to phase out a bit with systems like RIFT’s Ascended Soul system and now Allods Online’s Reincarnation system.

The new Reincarnation system will be available in Allods Online with update 2.0.04 to players of at last level 46. By undergoing the reincarnation ritual, players will then be able to birth a new character of a different archetype and tied to the character that they performed the ritual with. This comes with a number of benefits such as shared mounts, bonuses and items between the two linked characters. Not to mention you don’t have to grind up another character to play a new archetype.

However, leveling as your newly incarnated self does come with some drawbacks. You can only gain experience while under the Reincarnation effect, which decreases damage dealt and healing done by 33% and also decreases experience earned by 10% when you die. There are pros and cons to the system, so head over to the Allods Online website and check out the full system preview.

I don't know this game, or the game play, but this seems like a horrible implementation of a good idea. Why would you want to create another character that is so handicapped. I would rather create and alt then to have to deal with this. It doesn't sound all that cost saving in the end either, as you have to pay to switch between them, and pay to take reincarnation effect off, which then you don't earn experience. I could be wrong since I haven't played this game, but I believe that Rift's system is much more intuitive and better designed.

Because with the runes you can become anywqhere from 3%-110% more powerful. 3 level one runes give you a 10% bonus and cost only a few silver. You can easily get that back with the patron giving 200% more bonus instead of the 50% bonus you get normally. You also can get the radiant strongboxes which can give you all kinds of bonuses that can really help a character.


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