Ancient Summoner Update Adds Goblins, Beasts and Orges

Ancient Summoner lines up October with events and new cards featuring some old fantasy favorites.

Ancient Summoner, a game comprised of a mix of online RPG and CCG elements, have announced three new additions with their upcoming 1.3 update slated for release tomorrow. 1.3 will update the previously ability deficient henchmen, goblins and ogres, with new skills to mix things up a bit. Additionally, the update will also include the first newly added beast, the Five-Star Unicorn, which comes with the Summon skill, allowing a player to select a card from their deck and put it in their hand as the unicorn is summoned.

The 1.3 update is scheduled to launch on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 as part of a lineup of October events. You can sign up to play on the Ancient Summoner website. But for a little extra punch, be sure to grab one of our free Ancient Summoner Packs from our giveaway to help you get started.

Source: GameBox Press Release

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