Anarchy Online Previews Holiday Event

Anarchy Online prepares for the holidays with a new holiday event preview loaded with an assortment of festive goodies.

ItÂ’s that time of the year once again. The holiday season is rolling in and our favorite MMOGs are getting into the festive spirit with their own themed events and festive prizes. Anarchy Online recently posted a preview of what theyÂ’ve been working on for this yearÂ’s holiday event. So what is Santaleet bringing fans this year you ask? Why an assortment of festive fashions of course. Items such as the Snowman Mask, Boogaloo suit, paintings and more.

But gifts arenÂ’t the only thing available for the holidays in Anarchy Online. There will be new challenges to face with the likes of the GrinÂ’Cha, an alien general that wants to steal all your leet presents.

Sound like fun? Check out the preview with plenty of screenshots on the Anarchy Online website.

Source: Preview – Ringing in the Holidays

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