Age of Conan Gets a New Dungeon

Funcom unleashes a new dungeon in Age of Conan’s Dragon’s Spine area with the Coils of Ubah Kan.

A new cave network filled with spiders, serpent men, powerful beings, a likely adventure into certain death and an age-old ancient prophecy. Yep, the new Age of Conan (AoC) dungeon has arrived.

YesterdayÂ’s update unearths a new cave network in DragonÂ’s Spine leading to the new Coils of Ubah Kan dungeon. Players can delve into the dungeon to discover the powerful being imprisoned beneath the city of the Serpent men and the secret to their evolution and why their old gods cast them aside.

Read more about the new dungeon on the AoC website and check out the patch notes for all the latest changes.

Sources: Coils of Ubah Kan Dungeon, Patch Notes

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