Age of Conan Monthly Development Update - November 2012

By Stacy Jones -

Game Director Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison has dispatched his latest missive for the Age of Conan community. In the November update, Morrison discussed the upcoming crafting revamp, which was covered in more detail during the recent livestream event with (Part 1 and Part 2) and the upcoming launch of the first update the Secrets of DragonÂ’s Spine series. Morrison emphasized that the massive project of revamping the crafting system and the huge number of items involved in the process may push some or all of the revampÂ’s release closer to the end of the Secrets of DragonÂ’s Spine series.

The item data is a huge amount of work, spanning almost every part of the games item system, and beyond when you also have to factor in the new nodes, the placement of those nodes, and the fact that this means we have to essentially re-export the node data for every playfield in the game. The creation of new ingredients, the combination and result data, and then the items themselves is also a lot of meticulous and time-consuming work and we haven't been able to make as much progress there as we would like. This may result in some, or all, of the crafting revamp moving towards the end of the Dragon's Spine updates rather than the start. We will keep you updated with the progress there as we move along this month, but right now it looks like this will probably arrive in the updates in the new year.


The update also briefly touched on the upcoming PvP mini-game and the undecided future of what comes next for PvP.

The new PVP mini-game that will be tied to the Dragon's Spine content will be a 6v6 game, and will be linked to the new locations that are being added with this update series. This new addition will come with the latter parts of the Dragon's Spine updates.

While Morrison didnÂ’t announce a solid release date, he did state that the team is currently is trying to put the finishing touches on the first of the updates with a hopeful release before the holidays. If youÂ’re anxious to see the latest content, it should be making its way to test servers soon, so go help squash a few bugs and you might be decapitating new enemies by Christmas.

Source: Age of Conan November Update

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