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Age of Conan Unchains Three More Dungeons

Posted Wed, Nov 20, 2013 by Martuk

Three more classic dungeons from Age of Conan’s launch have received a revamp this week with The Halls of Eternal Frost, The Scorpion Cave and The Caravan Raiders getting updated with Unchained modes. The new Unchained modes offer increased challenges for higher level characters as well as improved loot.

In addition to the Unchained mode, players can also take on the new mastery quests within the Halls of Eternal Frost, Scorpion Caves, Caravan Raider's Hideout, The Coils of Ubah Kan, Sepulcher of the Wyrm, Fort Ardashir, The Vile Nativity, and Amphitheater of Karutonia Unchained dungeons for a chance at new weapons, armor, and other items.

You can read the patch notes and update feature page for more.

Source: AoC Patch Notes


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