AoC Game Director Talks World Boss Event and Tradeskill Revamp

Age of Conan Game Director Joel Bylos lays out plans for a yearly boss event cycle and discusses progress on the tradeskill revamp.

Age of Conan (AoC) Game Director Joel Bylos makes his monthly update to the community today to discuss two big items on the table for HyboriaÂ’s future.

First, Bylos delves into plans for a World Boss event that will see 12 new bosses added to AoC over a yearly cycle. With the new bosses also comes a quest chain that will reward players with legendary items once complete. The first of the new permanent world boss raids will be added to the game with the December 25th update.

Senior Designer Matthew Bennett added his own write up to the letter to detail the upcoming content. In short, there will be 12 bosses some old and some new. One of the twelve bosses will spawn during a one-week period each month. Spawn cycles can be changed as Funcom desires, but currently they plan to spawn these bosses on the first Wednesday of each month. ThereÂ’s quite a bit more in BennettÂ’s full letter, so be sure to read it all if you plan to sack these boss mobs once they start popping in later this month.

The second and final topic covered by Bylos is in regards to AoCÂ’s long-awaited crafting revamp, which has been in the works for quite some time. This time around, Bylos provided more details about how gathering nodes will change under the new system, replacing the previously static node spawns with a more randomized system.

Source: AoC Game DirectorÂ’s Letter

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