Trion CM Updates on ArcheAge Progress

Trion Community Manager James "Elrar" Nichols serves up an ArcheAge update and explains why we’re still a good ways from launch.

Trion Community Manager James "Elrar" Nichols served up an ArcheAge update on the ArcheAge Source forums today to report on the progress of the game’s ongoing localization work and why release is still some time away. The devs are currently working on the localization of the NA and EU version as well as setting up the server architecture and account billing system.

Elrar also explained that changes from the Korean version of the game will be minimal, so you should expect to see about the same amount of content with most of the bigger changes being aimed at improving “usability/understanding of mechanics” for localized audiences. Well, that and the fact that they’ve already localized over one million words of text and those numbers are still on the rise.

On the subject of beta testing, Elrar urged fans to sign up over at When testing begins, it should last for several months.

Thanks to Karen for the tip.

Source: ArcheAge Source Forums

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