Blacklight: Retribution Dropzone Update Now Live

Blacklight: Retribution’s new update boosts the level cap, adds a new map, and trucks in some new gear.

Blacklight: Retribution players get a change of scenery this week with the new Dropzone update. And no, it's not based on the awesome 1994 action movie starring Wesley Snipes. But adding skydiving combat to Blacklight: Retribution could be fun. The Dropzone map is designed as a “claustrophobic affair” and is set in a large plaza with a ring-shaped courtyard around a three-room memorial.

There are a couple of other little things that will interest players in this update as well. The level cap has received a kick in the pants and has been increased from 40 to 50 with new gear rewards at 45 and 50. Read all about them in the Dropzone update preview.

Source: Dropzone Patch Notes

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