Blacklight: Retribution Evacuation Update Now Live

Blacklight: Retribution update brings a new map, premium servers, additional weapons, fixes and more.

Zombie Studios has deployed, Evacuation, the latest update for online shooter Blacklight: Retribution. The Evacuation update comes with the brand new Evac map, which is designed with both close quarter combat areas as well as sniper alley for those that like to kill from a distance. Several new weapons have also been added such as the Katana, the Anti-Materiel Rifle, Breach Loaded Pistol and more.

Additionally, the Evacuation update also adds the option for players to purchase a premium server token, which can be used to spawn a premium server that the player can have admin control of. The player that spawns the premium server will be able to adjust game settings, minimum level or ping, and more.

Read the Evacuation patch notes for all the latest changes and new content.

Source: Perfect World Press Release

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