Blade Hunter Heads to Beta December 19th

Play as a Knight, Rogue, or Valkyrie in R2Games 2D side-scrolling game Blade Hunter when it makes the jump to beta tomorrow.

Blade Hunter is set to make the jump to beta tomorrow morning after spending just over a week in alpha. The 2D side-scrolling action game will feature three classes to choose from during testing with the Knight, Rogue, and Valkyrie. Players can play solo, wih AI companions, and in groups. Through gameplay Bladesouls can be unlocked, which can alter the course of gameplay.

"While Blade Hunter can be enjoyed solo, and all characters can gather and equip AI sidekicks, players that form parties and Guilds will gain the strength to take on any challenge. The most determined players will unlock Bladesouls, spirits of war that can change the course of any encounter, from time-limited multiplayer events to ranked cross-server PvP duels."

R2 Games is inviting players to sign up to take part in tomorrowÂ’s beta event on the Blade Hunter website. Unlike many closed beta tests, characters from this phase of Blade HunterÂ’s testing will not be wiped at its conclusion.

Source: R2 Games Press Release

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