gamescom 2011 - Borderlands 2 Teaser Trailer

Posted Wed, Aug 17, 2011 by jeffprime

ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

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If you don't believe me the proof is there in front of you, why were early PS3 ports worse than cnruert ones? Because the data had to be duplicated ONTO the PS3. Now its duplicated onto the ORIGINAL disc and then read by by the console, but not having to be installed upon it, this is one of the reason devs avoided PS3, now due to them being more familiar with its tech and finding loopholes around this, they are more comfortable developing on it. So STFU and GTFO.

The music was played with the Classic style Sonic fignhitg the Big Arm boss, at least in that video.This boss is certainly a lot easier than the originial one, and it also feels more Rush-like. The ease of difficulty of the boss is understandable, since it's a mid game boss and not a final boss, plus isn't this supposed to be an ESRB:E / CERO:A / PEGI:3 game?As for the Modern gameplay with a Mushroom Hill Zone theme so close to the originial. It's strange if they're using it as a placeholder if they already got most of the tracks completed. I guess they're still deciding on what kind of music to use, a closer to the originial one or a more remixed one.The PS3/360 s development team (SEGA Studio USA) might have used their own sound department, while Dimps (a smaller company with close ties to SEGA of Japan) might have used SEGA's Japanese sound department.

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