Camelot Unchained Crafting and Building Interview with Mark Jacobs

With three realms to which players can pledge their undying allegiance, Camelot Unchained promises pure RVR-based MMO action. We chatted with Mark Jacobs to get some quick, down and dirty answers to our questions about building and crafting, which will play a vital role in the game.
Camelot Unchained Mark Jacobs Crafting Interview

With three realms to which players can pledge their undying allegiance, Camelot Unchained promises to provide pure RvR-based MMO action. Mark Jacobs is the co-founder, President and Lead Designer of developers City State Entertainment, but you probably remember him as the founder of Mythic Entertainment and creator of Dark Age of Camelot. We chatted with Mark to get some quick, down and dirty answers about building and crafting, which plays a vital role in Camelot Unchained.

Since mines can be depleted, will they eventually cave in and other mines form, or are there only a specific amount of resources available per server?

Mark Jacobs: That could absolutely happen as well as the Veilstorms affecting the material inside the mine. Some mines could refill, others' contents could change; it’s a pretty wide open concept.
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What benefit comes to players supplying other players materials to build their structure, other than being a good Samaritan? Is there a skill level required? Do you gain some form of XP?

First, I think that the crafters will get paid for their materials, prefabs and work. They can be good Samaritans but they can also charge for their services. They will also gain the equivalent of XP for the work that they do.

Is there a quality control mechanic in place to make sure that structures maintain some kind of theme / blend into the world, and will there be moderation?

If we have an RP server, and that will be rigorously enforced there. As to what happens on the other servers, we’ll leave a lot of that to the players themselves to regulate.

Will the building process take place in the open world? Can the builder be harassed while they're designing their structure?

Yes and yes. It is an RvR-focused game so there’s always the risk of that.

Camelot Unchained Mark Jacobs Crafting Interview

Will there be safe areas where players can construct houses that won't be at risk of enemy invasion?

There are very limited safe areas in the game, and yes, some houses can be built there, but the vast majority will be built in the non-safe areas.

Will there be hireable NPCs for structures, like in Dark Age of Camelot, to provide basic services?

There will be NPCs you can hire to do some of your work, depending on your level.

Blueprints seem to have some kind of hefty cost to create. Is this to prevent blueprint spam?

That’s part of it, yes. We don’t want to have a million blueprints out immediately. That would be way too difficult for players to sort through if they are looking for one to use.

How will players know if their structure is under attack?

If they are inside it, the flames would be the first indication. Seriously though, there will be magical wards that you can put on your house, both to protect it and to warn you if it is under attack. They're certainly not impenetrable, but depending on their level and your attackers', they may buy you enough time to get to your house before it is a pile of ashes.

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