Civilization Online Under Development by XLGames

A Civilization MMOG goes into development in South Korea for the Asian market. Will we see it in NA?

Take-Two Interactive Software has announced that South Korea-based XLGames has scooped up the rights to develop an MMOG spin-off of the Civilization series for the Asian markets with series creator Firaxis Games consulting and lending its expertise on the project. The working title name, Civilization Online, is being developed under the leadership of CEO and MMOG developer, Jake Song, who has worked on such games as Lineage and ArcheAge with a team of more than 100 developers.

“Making our intellectual property available to delight consumers wherever they are is an important component of our long-term growth strategy,” said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two. “Our online and mobile social projects in Asia are enabling Take-Two to further broaden its global footprint and captivate audiences across a myriad of screens, platforms and business models. If successful, these projects will enhance our core business with revenue and profit streams that are higher margin and more stable over time.”

While there is no confirmation or details about the game making its way to the west, it’s hard to believe given the popularity of the Civilization series that it will stay rooted in the east.

Source: Take Two Press Release

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