Class3 Q&A is All About Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Undead Labs’ new community director fields questions on survival and death in the upcoming zombie survival shooter, Class3.
Class3 is sometimes compared to the popular ARMA II mod DayZ in what it is trying to do with the zombie survival game. And while the two games might be similar in that zombies are alive and theyÂ’re trying to eat you, they differ in their goals. In a recent two-part Q&A with OnlySP, Community Director Sanya Weathers fielded questions on the team's development inspirations for Class3, death and survival in a world filled with flesh munching zombies.

WeÂ’re making a game about survival, so death is death. The character youÂ’re playing will just be dead. You can then switch to the viewpoint of one of the other survivors youÂ’ve rescued, and keep playing (without losing your achievements, your base, or your stockpiles), but the character that died isnÂ’t coming back. Whatever unique traits he had and whatever he had on his personÂ… hope you can make it or fake it without him.

Read both parts of the Q&A over at OnlySP.

Source: Class 3 Q&A Part 1, Class 3 Q&A Part 2

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