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Cannons Lasers Rockets Heads to Steam Greenlight

By Stacy Jones -

Who doesnÂ’t love a good space shooter? Net Games Laboratory has brought its free-to-play, multiplayer, arcade-style space shooter, Cannons Lasers Rockets (CLR), to Steam Greenlight to see if the community finds it worthy for admission. CLR boasts to feature co-op PvP with up to 10 ships on each team and Clan PvP featuring up to 50 ships on a map. While not on the same massive scale as EVE Online, CLR is more arcade-style and faster in nature. Check out the trailer below for a look and visit the Steam Greenlight page to find out what itÂ’s all about to see if you think that itÂ’s worth your vote.

Source: Net Games Laboratory Press Release, CLR Steam Greenlight Page

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