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It’s been a long, hard fought struggle for your mighty superhero in Champions Online. You’ve fought minions of villainous groups like Viper an
It’s been a long, hard fought struggle for your mighty superhero in Champions Online. You’ve fought minions of villainous groups like Viper and ARGENT, evil supervillains, ferocious beastmen, and even alien invaders. Your hero has finally hit the big 4-0. No, not the age, but the level! Now that you’ve hit the level cap, what do you do from here? Well, the good news is that there’s still much work to do and evil to battle. Since your hero is now level 40, they are eligible to join UNITY, the superhero team of the United Nations, which works to combat evil around the globe. Our purpose here today is to go over the basics of UNITY and to get your hero smiting some bad guys while earning rewards for doing so. Even though, as a hero, we don’t fight evil for rewards. That being said, shiny new upgrades and costume pieces are pretty nice.

Once your hero hits level 40, you’ll receive an email from Dr. White stating:

Greetings <your hero>,

I have been watching your progress with interest for some time now. You have overcome many obstacles and triumphed over many foes, and this struggle has only made you stronger. I believe you possess the necessary strength and character to be a valuable member of the UNITY team.

If you wish to learn more, please open the documents attached to this email.
Dr. White

With the email, there will be a keycard attached. To get the keycard, you have to be standing next to a mailbox. This keycard will allow you access to the UNITY headquarters. The headquarters is found in the Renaissance Center in Millennium City. It is in the ACI building, which is the building that the tailor is standing in front of. When you go to the door, you’ll be able to enter either the ACI part or the UNITY headquarters.

Once inside the headquarters, you’ll find Dr. White, who will inform you of the UNITY basics, of which there are a few, and inquire if you wish to join UNITY. Since you’re not a knucklehead, I assume that you’ll join. Once you join, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake UNITY missions; the completion of such missions will reward you with UNITY merits and UNITY intelligence.

You can access the UNITY database to take up to five daily missions. These missions will span the globe, which means that you’ll usually end up traveling to almost every zone in the game to fulfill them. They recommend a team of 1 to 5 heroes to complete a mission, but they are completely able to be soloed. Each mission gives one UNITY merit and one UNITY intelligence. Sometimes, you’ll be rewarded with some additional points. Once you have completed these five “hotspot” missions, you’ll be able to take a special assignment. To get the special assignment, you have to get the mission at the UNITY headquarters. The hotspot missions can be accessed from your crime computer. Completing the special assignment will net your hero an additional three UNITY merits and one UNITY intelligence. On the average, you will be able to do all the missions at around two hours. On an average day, you will get from eight to ten UNITY merits and six UNITY intelligence. Each mission is their own instance, so you don’t have to worry about somebody else coming along and mucking up your mission.

To aid your travel time, there is a teleporter in the UNITY headquarters that will take you to any of the other four zones (Southwest Desert, Canadian Wilderness, Monster Island, and Lemuria). You cannot teleport to Millennium City as that you’re already there, and they tell you that it’s too draining to teleport anyone locally.

On a side note, keep an eye out for Qliphothic energy during the missions. You can trade it to Mentiac back at UNITY HQ. Also, Mentiac is the person who gives you the Nemesis Confrontation mission.

As stated above, you gain UNITY merits and UNITY intelligence from completing the various missions. You can use the UNITY merits to buy various things from Mentiac or El Picardo at UNITY HQ. You can buy various upgrades from either person. Some of these upgrades are power replacements and some unlock new costume pieces for your hero to wear. There are also plenty of action figures that can be bought with UNITY merits as well. Action figures range in price from 100 merits to 1000 merits. Upgrades range in cost from 250 merits to 1000 merits. As you can see, it’ll take some time to save up for the big items with an average of ten UNITY merits a day.

UNITY intelligence can be used in two different ways. First, you can trade them in to Doctor Black, Doctor White’s husband, for UNITY merits on a one-to-one basis. The other option is that if you have enough UNITY intelligence, he will offer you a mission, UNITY’s Most Wanted. With this mission, you can choose to defeat one of three villains, Shadow Destroyer (Nemesis Confrontation), the Bronze King (Mandragalore), or Vilkorin the Blind (Andrith). Completing this mission will give you forty UNITY merits. However, you will need a full team of five heroes to do so.

As you can see, joining UNITY will keep your hero extremely busy. Being able to take up to five daily quests, followed by a sixth upon the completion of the others, will keep your hero occupied fighting bad guys, and hopefully filling out some of those perks where you need to defeat a billion of them. It’ll take your hero awhile to accumulate enough UNITY merits to get the good gear, but the good news is that it is constant. If you’ve got a good group, you can blow through the hotspot missions, the special assignment, and then do the UNITY’s Most Wanted to get a ton of UNITY merits. All in all, since you’re busting the heads of bad guys anyway, you might as well get some other perks out of it. Just make sure that you don’t take any food or drink onto the teleporter. The tech guys really hate that!

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