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Creating a build for Champions Online can be difficult with the insane number of choices a player has. Fortunately for you, your friends at Ten Ton Hammer are here to provide a quick guide for a melee dps build based upon Telekinesis Ego Blades. The build for our melee dps hero is one of the more popular builds floating around, the TK Ego Blade build. This build relies primarily upon the Telekinesis power set, with some dabbling in Supernatural and Darkness. To begin, we’ll look at the powers and advantage points that you’ll spend on this build.
Coming up with a good build is a monumental task in Champions Online. With a vast amount of options available to the players, along with the ability to pick from multiple power sets, it can be a frustrating task to follow a build for a specific role. Since CO allows players to really customize their superheroes, the lines between the classic roles of MMOGs (tank, melee dps, healer, and ranged dps) can be blurred in that characters can have the traits from several archetypes.  That being said, it is quite easy to make characters that fit the standard types of online gaming. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to look at a build for a melee dps.

A quick disclaimer must be made first. This is not a level by level guide, but rather a suggestion of powers, ranks, and stats that fit this build type. In addition, this should not be considered the optimal build. People with brains (and calculus degrees) much bigger than mine could probably come up with an uber build that is better than the one I’m suggesting. Also, please keep in mind that with each successive patch, things and abilities may change. This build is not set in stone. Lastly, it is up to you to decide on how you want your character. If I suggest something you dislike, feel free to choose something different. It’s your character, not mine.

The build for our melee dps hero is one of the more popular builds floating around, the TK Ego Blade build. This build relies primarily upon the Telekinesis power set, with some dabbling in Supernatural and Darkness. To begin, we’ll look at the powers and advantage points that you’ll spend on this build.


Kinetic Darts
Advantage: Incisive Wit
This power serves as your basic energy builder attack. With the Incisive Wit advantage, you’ll gain the chance to enact an Ego Surge, which gives you ID blades (increasing your ego blade attack damage by 15%) and increases your paranormal damage. You want your ID blades to be out as much as possible, hence some of the other power choices below. Not getting your ID blades will reduce your dps.

Ego Blade Frenzy
Advantage: Rank 3
This power is a good AOE attack power hitting your foes in front of you. At rank 3, you’ll be making mincemeat of henchmen.

Ego Blade Breach
Advantage: Rank 3
This power can be used as either a tap or charged power. This power is a good tap power for damage purposes. Plus, it adds a debuff to the enemy, making them less resistant to your blade attacks. This debuff can stack up to three times. This power is a good standard attack and usually replaces the Ego Weaponry power after a player retcons.

Ego Surge
Advantage: Nimble Mind
A clickable power that activates your ID blades. The nimble mind advantage increases the chance of a critical hit, thus more damage, which is what we like.

Telekinetic Eruption
This power does an AOE attack on your enemies and has a chance for knockback. If you charge the power over 50%, it will give you an ego damage buff and a damage resistance buff.

Ego Storm
Advantage: Malevolent Manifestation
A good AOE that you can use while moving, with the added bonus that it will hold your enemies. The advantage that you can purchase makes it a toggle power.

Shadow Form
Advantage: Rank 3
This passive ability increases your paranormal (ego) damage, which is exactly the damage you’re inflicting! The damage increase is scaled to your Endurance (which will be one of your prime stats as you’ll find out later in the article).

Sonic Device
This power adds additional sonic damage to your attack and can stun your opponent. More damage equals happiness!

Thunderbolt Lunge
Advantage: Essence Assault
This power allows you to close with your foe quickly. The advantage allows your lunge to negate the enemy’s travel power if you hit. Try to fly away now, worm!

Force Shield
Advantage: Force Sheath
Your shield (block) power. Normally, TK Ego Blades build would use Telekinetic Shield, but that power had been overpowered and has been recently nerfed in a patch. It is still usable though.

This power is a passive defense ability that increases your healing rate.

A good active defense ability that gives you a shot of healing and works with your Regeneration.

Ego Hold
A single target hold power, this ability can be charged while moving. A root type power is always useful (and can save your butt).

Bountiful Chi Resurgence
A self heal power, Bountiful Chi is not an active defense, like Resurgence.

You will note that there are more advantages you can buy than those I listed. It depends upon how much you’ll use certain powers. If you use them often, then make sure that you increase their rank to make them more powerful.

For travel powers, that is entirely up to you. I like to use Teleport to suddenly appear and disappear just to aggravate my enemies. Later on, you can take Flight or whatever tickles your fancy.

For your stats, you definitely want to have Ego as a superstat. Your primary attacks are scaled with your Ego. Higher ego = more damage. ‘Nuff said. As for the second superstat, you can choose either Endurance or Constitution. Endurance increases your energy pool and scales with your paranormal damage. If you choose Endurance, make sure that you’re in Shadow Form for every fight. Your other option is Constitution, which gives you more hit points, which allows you to survive longer. You’ll do less damage than if you took Endurance, but you might live longer.

Well, that’s a look at the TK Ego Blades build for Champions Online. This build is a good melee dps and you’ll be dishing out the damage to your peeing-in-their-pants foes. You’ll be cutting up the bad guys with your ego blades slicing through them like a knife through hot butter!

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