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Creating a build for Champions Online can be difficult with the insane number of choices a player has. Fortunately for you, your friends at Ten Ton Hammer are here to provide a quick guide for a melee-style tank build for your superhero meat shield. The build for this tank is based on a few power sets, mainly the gadgeteering, force, and might power sets. There is some dabbling in sorcery and telekinesis as well. Unlike other tank builds, this build relies upon Constitution and Dexterity. Most tank builds usually build upon Strength and Constitution.
As demonstrated in our previous article on the melee dps build, creating a build to fulfill one of the time-honored roles in MMOGs (healer, tank, melee dps, and ranged dps) can be a little hard to do. There are a seemingly endless amount of choices that are available to the player, with the ability to choose from multiple power sets and the ability to choose powers from a multitude of said sets. However, it is possible to create a standard role type of build. The main problem is that there tends to be quite a few ways to do so! Curse your freedom, Champions Online! The purpose of this article is to provide a build for da tank, stalwart defender of any group. Built to withstand tremendous amounts of punishment and to keep foes attacking him (and not his squishier party members), the tank stands as the human shield of his group.

As I always state with any build article, there is a disclaimer. I am not suggesting that this build is the best one available, nor is this a level by level guide. The purpose of this article is to suggest certain powers and abilities to you, the player. It is up to you to decide whether you like the suggestions that are made here. If you do, then that is great. If you don’t, then feel free to choose a different power or advantage. Always remember that it is your character, not anybody else’s. Besides, no matter what you pick, some egghead that spent two hundred hours mapping out the benefit-to-cost ratios for every power and ability will gladly tell you how wrong you are. Just relax and have fun. One last caveat; please remember that upcoming patches could drastically change the powers that are listed below.

The build for this tank is based on a few power sets, mainly the gadgeteering, force, and might power sets. There is some dabbling in sorcery and telekinesis as well. Unlike other tank builds, this build relies upon Constitution and Dexterity. Most tank builds usually build upon Strength and Constitution. To begin, we’ll look at some of the various powers and what advantages to take for them.


Kinetic Darts
Advantage: Accelerated Metabolism
This power serves as your basic energy builder. The amount of damage you do with it is not important. The only real importance is the amount of energy you build with this power. Kinetic Darts (according to various forums) has one of the better energy building rates in the game. The accelerated metabolism advantage means that you spend less energy using this power.

Experimental Blaster
Advantage: Crippling Challenge, Rank 3
Whilst a ranged attack, this power is helpful in the fact that it’ll give your enemies notice that you’re there and draw them to you. The crippling challenge advantage adds threat to your attack and taunts an enemy npc. Plus, it adds a 20% damage debuff to the enemy.

Bionic Shielding
Advantage: Overloaded Circuits
This power places a healing shield around you and grants you a healing every time you get damaged (up to 5 times). The overloaded circuits advantage causes electrical damage to anybody that hits you. The damage scales with the amount of damage they cause.

Defensive Combo
Advantage: None
This melee attack generates a good deal of threat with the addition of Defiance (a damage resistance buff) applied on the third successive attack.

Nanobot Swarm
Advantage: Rejuvenating Injectors
This handy-dandy little power refreshes all of your active cooldowns by 30 seconds. The rejuvenating injectors advantage grants you a healing boost when you activate the power.

Force Shield
Advantage: Force Sheath, Rank 2
Your shield block power that reduces incoming damage and grants you energy. Force sheath is a vital advantage (if you have a build that has Force Shield, then you need Force Sheath) in that it continues the effects of Force Shield for a few seconds after you stop using the power.

Circle of Primal Domination
Advantage: Rank 3
This power creates a circle of defensive power that increases your damage resistance, knockback resistance, regeneration, and knocks up resistance. In addition, the circle increases your threat (but lowers your resistance to roots/holds). Having a great deal of resistance is an integral part of any tank build.

Lightning Reflexes
Advantage: Rank 3
A slotted passive power, this ability increases your dodge and avoidance while also decreasing Bleed and DoT (damage over time) effects upon you. This power scales with your dexterity. Not getting hit means that you’ll take less damage, which means that you stay up longer. It’s nice when a plan comes together.

Advantage: Rank 3
This melee attack damages a single target and causes knockback. If an enemy is immune to knockback, such as a boss, then the damage inflicted is increased. This is your boss beat down power. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Advantage: Rank 3, Challenging Strikes.
This attack damages all foes in a cone area of effect in front of you and reduces their movement. If the power is maintained, you knock the opponents up. The Challenging Strikes advantage increases your threat to all enemies you damage with this power.

Masterful Dodge
Advantage: Rank 2
This defense power grants you a great dodge and avoidance bonus when you click it. The power, when clicked, counts as an active defense and imposes a 30 second cooldown on other active defenses (hence, your Nanobot Swarm power).

Advantage: None
This power grants you a healing boost when clicked. Like Masterful Dodge, this power is an active defense that imposes a 30 second cooldown on other active defenses when you activate it. Hint, hint…..Nanobot Swarm.

Advantage: None
This power returns you from defeat with full hit points. In addition, your damage and resistance are increased. On the negative side, you take a great deal of dimensional damage over time. This is your get-out-of-death-free card.

Psionic Healing
Advantage: Rank 3
This power is another self heal. However, this power is not an active defense like Masterful Dodge or Resurgence. Heals keep you alive, which is what you want.

Please remember that the powers and advantages listed above are not written in stone. If you want a different power or advantage, then go ahead and take it. One person’s play style is different from another’s.

Travel powers are up to you. I would probably recommend Flight as that flying is always cool (plus, it’s easier to travel from the end of one zone to another). Another good travel power is Super Jump. By using your jump power, you can get the heck out of Dodge quickly if you need to. Sometimes, you have to run away to fight again another day.

For stats, you want Dexterity and Constitution as your two superstats. Dexterity helps out your dodge and avoidance chances, which is one of the hallmarks of this build. You want to minimize the hits on you so you’ll take less damage. As for Constitution, this stat is a no-brainer. Constitution increases your hit points, which is what you covet. You’ll want as many hit points that you can get your hands on. It isn’t rocket science (even though you’re a gadgeteer!) that the more hit points you have, the longer you stay up, which is your job as a tank.

Well, that’s a look at a tank build based upon Dexterity and Constitution. Some other builds are based upon Strength and Constitution or Constitution and Presence. Feel free to experiment when you’re in the Powerhouse. Now get out there and bring justice to an unjust world!

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