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Champions Online: Cool Costume Unlocks

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Costumes, they are the very essence and identity of your superhero. They brand your hero, making your hero unique amongst so many other heroes. In Champions Online, you want your hero to stand apart, to be noticed. The foremost way that a hero proclaims their identity is through their costume. We can’t imagine Superman without his costume of the red S, boots, and cape with a blue outfit. What about Spiderman, with his webbed red and blue outfit? We can’t imagine these heroes in a different costume. (I know Spiderman had the black outfit, but that suit became Venom so I’m not counting it!)

Fortunately, Champions Online has an amazing character creator. There are tons of options available to make your own unique hero. However, the choices do not end there, my friends. There are additional costume pieces that you can unlock during gameplay. These costume pieces can be variant looks for weapons or costume pieces for every part of your hero’s body.

How do you get these cool costume unlocks? Well, there are a variety of ways to get a costume unlock in CO. First, you can get costume unlocks from drops and quest rewards. Second, you can also use your crafting skill to craft certain costume unlocks. Third, during special events, certain costume pieces can be dropped, such as the recent Blood Moon event. You can also unlock costume pieces by completing perks and spending your perk points to get the costume piece. An additional source for costume unlocks is by competing in PvP, which will allow you to accumulate acclaim to spend on costume pieces. Finally, you can also buy costume pieces from the C Store for real money, but what is the fun in that?

Listed below are some examples of the cool costume unlocks that you can get.

Special Events
During special events, such as the recent Attack of the Misfit Toys, costume pieces can be dropped for the players to pick up. Usually, there are only a small handful of costume pieces that become available. Make sure that you participate in the events to get some new costume pieces!

Robot Monocle

Steampunk (arms)

There are a decent amount of costume pieces that you can unlock via crafting skills. Some of them, such as weapons, you can unlock at a lower crafting level (below 100), while most costume pieces require a crafting skill of 400. You can get the blueprints for the higher end (400) costume pieces from your specialization trainer.

Eye Blaster Single Large
Crafting - Arms

Arcane (cowl)
Crafting - Avatar (Mysticism)

Crafting - Arms

Flintlock Pistol
Crafting - Arms

Most of your costume unlocks become available by completing perks. Most perks require your hero to defeat a great deal of enemies (anywhere from 1000 to 5000) to achieve that perk and unlock the costume piece. To get the costume piece, you have to go to a perks vendor and spend your perk points to get the costume piece.

Demonic Minion Face
Perk: Great Demon Triumph

Spade Face Pattern
Perk: Droogie

Red Banners
Perk: Shaolin

Big Demon Wings
Perk: Towering Inferno

Robotic Chest Piece
Perk: Mech Warrior

Foxbat Graphic Tee
Perk: Exploding Cigar

C Store
The Champions Online C Store has new costume pieces available for sale. These range from emblems to full costumes. The downside to this is that you have to spend real money to get the costume pieces.

Skeleton Costume

Web Costume

You can unlock some costume pieces, such as the luchador outfit, by spending your acclaim points that you accumulate by participating in PvP. Who doesn’t want to look like a Mexican wrestler when taking down the bad guys or other players?

Luchador Basic

As you can see, there is quite a lot of differing costume types you can unlock to jazz up your hero. Right now, some perk unlocks are for the one hero that you are currently playing. However, Cryptic plans on making those items account-wide in a future patch. So get out there and start unlocking those costume pieces! You don’t want to look just like some other hero, do you?

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