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Your hero has been zooming around Champions Online dispatching the forces of evil and mayhem.
Your hero has been zooming around Champions Online dispatching the forces of evil and mayhem. Suddenly, you realize that you have no more missions to do and you can’t find any readily available missions. Your supervillain-smiting heart is as sad as a cop staring at a closed donut shop. What do you do? Have no fears, good citizen! Ten Ton Hammer is here to help you out in your time of need. We will show you what to do when you have mission lag.

There are two noticeable times in Champions Online when you’ll have mission lag, which means that you’ve finished all your missions, but you can’t seem to find any more to do. The first mission lag occurs in the mid 20s, whilst the second occurs in the low to mid 30s. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get you over this crisis. We’ll examine the various options that a hero can do to get them back to full action.

Crime Computer
The first thing you can do is to check the crime computer on your mission log. A lot of players (including myself) get used to doing mission after mission that they forget that they can check the crime computer to see if any contacts need help. This option can generate a few leads for your character. Most likely you’ll have to travel to another zone, which leads us to the next option.

Travel to a Different Zone
If the zone you’re currently in seems devoid of missions, then you should head out to a different zone to see if there are any available missions there to do. Lower level characters (mid 20s) can go back and forth between Canadian Wilderness, Southwest Desert, and Millennium City looking for missions. Higher level characters (low to mid 30s) can check out Lemuria, Monster Island, Millennium City, and Canadian Wilderness. Remember that missions that are 3-4 levels below you and 3 levels above you are available for you to take. If you have to do some missions that are a few levels below you, do so! They may not present the greatest challenge, but they’ll provide a lot more xp than just mindless grinding. If you can’t find lower level missions to do, then do higher level missions. A hero should normally not have a lot of problems doing missions that are a couple of levels above them.

Recheck Contacts When You Level
Remember that you can take missions that are 3 levels higher than you. When you level, travel back to contacts that had no missions for you earlier to see if they now have missions for you. You’ll be surprised by what a difference a single level can make. On Monster Island, I had no missions for a time. However, when I dinged, I found that 4 different contacts that were empty before now had a plethora of missions for me to do.

Man on the Street Missions
As you travel around looking for available missions, keep an eye on your mini-map and NPCs walking around. A person on the street may come up to you with a robbery or a kidnapping mission. Who cares what it is? It’s a mission with xp! Also, you might come across a quick mission, such as a bank robbery or an escort quest. An example of a non-contact mission is one I recently did on Monster Island. I was flying over some mountains to check for missions in the northern part of the island when I stumbled across a little camp on the mountaintop. I would have flown right over it if I hadn’t noticed the big exclamation point popping up on my mini-map. There I had to free a small group of manimals from their captors. The whole mission took me about 5 minutes, but I was instantly rewarded with some good xp! Like any good superhero, keep your eyes open!

Grinding and Grinding Missions
Grinding is the least preferable way to level up. It’s time consuming, boring, and frustrating. However, sometimes it’s the only way to get that xp. However, there is a way to get some grinding to work for you. In each zone, there are usually one or two contacts that have a repeatable grinding mission. These missions are the standard “kill x number of something,” but they do have the extra benefit of getting mission xp at the conclusion of the mission. Getting a free 13K of experience for essentially grinding means that’s a lot less creatures I need to kill to level.

Open Missions
Another form of grinding is doing open missions. The main thing with open missions is that since they have a little storyline to them, they can be used to break the monotony of grinding. Of course, doing the same open mission over and over again can be dull. One plus of open missions is that, if you do really well, you might get some swell loot out of it. In addition, you get mission xp if you finish the open mission.

You can also gain experience by engaging in some PvP action. While I find the PvP in CO lacking, it can be a nice change of pace from the normal grind. You do tend to get experience at a slower rate, but you will gain acclaim as well to spend on rewards and costume unlocks.  I wouldn’t try to level by just doing PvP, but it can spice up the leveling grind.

As you can see, there are a few options available to your costumed crusader when they experience mission lag. While some options might be more interesting than others (finding new missions in a different zone is way better than grinding), you might have to use all of the methods listed above throughout your game play to level 40. Your best two options are to check the crime computer and travel to different zones to find new missions. After those two options, rechecking contacts when you level is the next best preferable one. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you get over the hump in your mission lag so your hero can get back to bashing villainous foes!

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