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One thing that sets Champions Online apart is that your hero gets to fight against his own personal arch villain! Your friends at Ten Ton Hammer are here to provide an overview of the nemesis creation system in CO. Villain. Let the word roll off your tongue. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Every hero needs a villain. Where would Superman be without Lex Luthor…Spiderman without the Green Goblin…Batman without the Joker? Throughout history to today, every great hero needs a mighty foe to test their mettle against, from Arthur and Mordred to Luke versus Darth Vader, villains are needed.
Villain. Let the word roll off your tongue. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Every hero needs a villain. Where would Superman be without Lex Luthor…Spiderman without the Green Goblin…Batman without the Joker? Throughout history to today, every great hero needs a mighty foe to test their mettle against, from Arthur and Mordred to Luke versus Darth Vader, villains are needed. Villains represent all that is wrong, people who use their power, not for good, but to enslave others and further their own selfish ends. They are a dark reflection of superheroes, what a hero could succumb to being if they were not filled with a sense of right and wrong and a commitment to justice. To prove themselves heroic, superheroes need titanic foes to test their mettle against. Luckily for us, Champions Online has provided you, the player, with a way to create a villain of your very own!

Easily one of the coolest aspects of Champions Online is that you get to design your own personal arch villain, your nemesis. You get to design their look, their powers, and what minions they use against you. Afterwards, you meet your villain for the first time in an instanced mission, and then they become a thorn in your sides for a long time until the final showdown. Your nemesis is always lurking in the background, waiting to pounce upon your unsuspecting hero.

Your nemesis selection begins once your character hits level 25, when you’ll receive the following email.

Your hero’s name,

Look, I know you superhero types are really busy and we hate to waste your time, but I’ve got somethin’ here that could really use your help.

It’s important you come speak to me as soon as you can, you can find me in Millennium City just outside the MCPD station behind City Hall.

-MCPD Captain Martin

Once you receive this email, you travel to the MCPD station and talk to Captain Martin who’s standing outside. He’ll tell you that they need your help updating their criminal database. Once you accept that mission, you’ll step over to their database and create your nemesis. We’ll now look at the following steps in your nemesis creation.

Step 1: Choose Theme
This step involves deciding on what powerset your nemesis uses. The powersets are the same as in character creation (sorcery, munitions, power armor, etc). You can also choose what color their power effects have. Now, I have a strong concept for my hero, Crimson Twilight. I’ve always been a big fan of pulp heroes like the Shadow, who uses some minor powers and his twin .45 pistols to dispense justice. I’ve created a female version of the Shadow called Crimson Twilight. Now, the pulp heroes originated back in the 1930s when anything associated with the Orient was new and fascinating. I’ve decided that my nemesis will be an oriental villain who has crossed paths with my hero in her past. Looking over the powersets, I decide on Martial Arts as the nemesis’ theme as that my nemesis is a leader of a secretive group of assassins.

The heroine - Crimson Twilight

The nemesis- Blood Dragon

Step 2: Choose Nemesis Minions

In this step, you choose what type of minions your nemesis uses. There are 15 types of minions; undead, soldiers, pirates, infernals, aliens, beastmen, thugs, mafia, robots, cowboys, convicts, demons, insectoids, lizardmen, and ninjas. From that diverse group, you pick one type of minion. Whatever minion you choose, there are four versions of them; melee henchmen, ranged henchmen, melee villain, and ranged villain. As you’re cycling through the list, you can click on the types to see what they look like. As my nemesis is the leader of a group of oriental assassins, I chose Ninjas as his minions. I would have preferred a more Chinese look to them, but overall they look pretty cool.

Step 3: Choose Nemesis Minion Power
This step requires you to determine what powerset the minions have. You have the choice of one of 6 different powers; dark magic, super strength, powered armor, martial arts, military weapons, and psionic projection. Naturally, skilled assassins would use Martial Arts, so I picked that power.

Step 4: Choose Nemesis Gender
This is the easiest step as that you pick male or female. Since my hero is female, I decided to make the villain a male.

Step 5: Choose Nemesis Personality
Here, you have to choose what personality your nemesis has; maniac, mastermind, or savage. I decided on Mastermind as that Crimson Twilight’s nemesis is incredibly smart as well as ruthless.

Step 6: Choose Nemesis Face
Just like in character creation for your own hero, you decide on what type of face your nemesis has. I chose a wide face for my nemesis as that it makes him look strong and ruthless.

Step 7: Choose Nemesis Body
Again, following character creation, you choose a body type for your foe. From the various body types, I decided on the brick body as that my foe is incredibly strong from his years of constant fighting and killing.

Evil henchmen!

Throwing down!

Step 8: Choose Nemesis Costume
Once again, this is just like character creation. You create the look of your nemesis and you have access to any costume unlocks you’ve achieved so far. I decided to make the color scheme of my villain similar to Crimson Dawn’s, but a little different. My heroine uses gray and red, so I decided on red and black for her foe. I gave him a bald head (looks menacing) and an eye patch. I decided that when Crimson Twilight was traveling in the Far East learning her powers, she crossed paths with the nemesis. Crimson Twilight managed to defeat him, but not kill him. However, she did cause him to lose his left eye due to one of her bullets shattering next to his face, causing shrapnel to destroy his eye. The villain looks forward when he can exact retribution for this injury. Overall, I gave my villain an oriental look with some ninja armor and some small tweaks to his costume (a high collar and shoulder flares).

Step 9: Choose Nemesis Name
Finally, you get to name your nemesis! In addition, you can write a back story for the nemesis in this step. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a summary of your nemesis. Mine read Martial Arts/Mastermind/Martial Arts Ninjas. I chose the name Blood Dragon for my heroine’s nemesis. One, I think it sounds cool, and, two, it sounds like a good pulpy oriental assassin name!

Once you finish your nemesis creation, Captain Martin offers you a mission, Lemurian Antiquities. This mission has your hero attempting to stop the theft of a powerful Lemurian artifact from the nearby museum. There’s a pretty cool intro scene that lasts a few minutes that shows the patrons of the museum gathering followed by the presentation of the artifact. Then your nemesis makes his appearance by blowing in one of the museum walls and his minions swarm over the place, capturing everybody. Your mission is to rescue some museum patrons and guards, then defeat your nemesis. Once your nemesis is defeated, he runs away vowing revenge against you in the finest comic book hyperbole!

So, what happens with your nemesis later on? First, your hero will need to keep his head on a swivel as that the nemesis’ minions will periodically attack you, normally while you’re fighting some other mob. Be sure to check any loot you pick up from the minions as that they will sometimes drop items that will start a mission. In addition, you’ll receive missions that involve you in a long story arc against your hated foe. Some of the missions you’ll receive will take place in instances while others can be located anywhere. Not every nemesis mission will be a titanic struggle between good and evil. Some of the missions will be simple little diversions, such as beating up on some of his minions, and these missions can take you to any map.

Having your own nemesis is one of the things that make Champions Online stand apart from other games. It is inspired. Having a backstory and concept for your character really helps you in nemesis creation. I found that it was pretty easy and straightforward since I had a strong concept in mind. Now, I look forward to Crimson Twilight bringing Blood Dragon to justice for his crimes!

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