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Champions Online: Postcards from Vibora Bay

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Well, there, good morning. I’m glad to see that you’re up bright and early. Decided to explore Vibora Bay before the day got too hot, eh? That’s some smart thinking! Oh, allow me to introduce myself. The name’s Gator Johnson, but most folks just call me Gator. I’m sort of an unofficial ambassador of Vibora Bay as that my family has been here for generations.

We’re always glad to have visitors in Vibora Bay. Since we’re located on the Florida Panhandle, you won’t have to worry about catching a chill. Our city is practically oozing charm and grace. Why, it’s Old World style with New World convenience, I say! Tell you what, if you’re willing to buy ol’ Gator a few brews and some crawdad gumbo later, I’ll show you around. You’re willing? Good! Just a warning before we start out. There’s mysterious forces, magical ones, just lurking beneath the surface throughout Vibora Bay, so be careful while you’re here. I’d hate to see you cursed to become a zombie or something even worse! Well, let’s get going.

Here we have some of the Old World charm of our fair city. There’s tons of great clubs specializing in jazz, blues, or other tastes. The night life in Vibora Bay is hot, hot, hot! Just keep an eye out for those voodoo-practicing Sovereign Sons while you’re cruising the clubs. They’ll turn your night out into a nightmare.

Now, this is the Cypress Grove Cemetery. You’ll notice that a lot of the graves are above ground. That’s because the water table in this area is very high, only a foot or so below ground level. You’ll have to travel all the way to New Orleans to see a cemetery as pretty as this one! However, it’s best not to hang around at night, or even during the day sometimes. The dead don’t rest too easy here, son.

You’re looking at historic High Apostolic Church, one of the landmarks of Vibora Bay. I always get a weird feeling about the place. You know, the feeling like something ain’t exactly right? There’s been a legend that some evil being is trapped beneath the church. Some creature named Therakiel or something like that. Probably nothing, though. Most likely, some good ol’ boys had too much moonshine back in the day and started seeing things.

This is Sweetland Restaurant, where we’ll be eating dinner later. While serving up the best shrimp gumbo in the region, there’s the added spice that the place is owned by Guy Sweetland. Who’s he, you say? Well, he’s the owner, head chef, and the crime lord who runs the Dogz, one of the fiercest gangs in the city. It’s all good though. Good or bad, he makes the best darn gumbo, and that’s what counts!

You’ll need a lot of cash and blue blood to get past the door of this establishment. This is the famous Mahogany Club, established in 1881. This is where the rich, practically all male, relax in comfort smoking fine Cuban cigars and drinking brandy. White trash like yours truly would never be able to set foot in there, and I wouldn’t want to. The doorman has a serious overbite and he doesn’t drink wine. At the Mahogany Club, bloodsuckers is meant literally!

On the far end of the spectrum from the Mahogany Club, we now have the Dog Pound. I wouldn’t recommend going in there unless you’re one hairy person. By hairy, I mean practically sporting a pelt. This dive bar is home to the Dogz, the gang (rumored to have some genuine werewolves) run by Guy Sweetland. There’s hard rocking music, cheap beer, and fights to bet on in this flea-pit. If you feel brave enough to go slumming, then feel free to drop in.

If you feel like doing some sparring or meditating (if you’re into that nonsense – go fishing, I say), then this is the place for you, Redsnake’s Dojo. Yep, that’s right. The hero known as Redsnake runs this dojo and teaches his students Vibora Carmesi, a martial art unique to Vibora Bay. Do I know Vibora Carmesi? Heck no. I learned to fight in the swamp and on the docks. I don’t go for that fancy kung-fu. Just give me a tire iron or a broken bottle and I’m fine. Personally, I do sneak in here from time to time to mess up their rock garden.

Ah, now you’re gazing at the fountain in the Windsong Mall. This mall has a transparent roof to let in the sunshine, but to keep all that Florida rain off our pretty heads. There are plenty of shops here for you to spend your yankee dollars on, and afterwards you can relax by the fountain enjoying a cold brew and a gator sandwich. Don’t worry about the gator meat in the sandwich. I have a permit for catching gators and I’m well under my limit, no matter what that lying game officer says!

This here is the fabled Boardwalk of Vibora Bay. It’s home to some crafting vendors, carnival types, and this is where the hero types go to train up. I think the bearded lady has a thing for me, but I don’t date anybody who has a thicker, longer beard than me. A good place to blow off some steam is at the arcade. I can’t get enough of Battlezone!

Well, it’s getting late, my friends, and we should get something to eat. If you need any guides while you’re in Vibora Bay, just give ol’ Gator a holler. I’ll be glad to show you around some more for the right price. Enjoy our beautiful city and make sure that you don’t go wandering around at night.
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