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Champions Online: Desert Disaster Survival Guide

Posted Wed, Aug 12, 2009 by JoBildo

“An urgent distress call from Project Greenskin came in just as the Qularr invasion fleet struck the city.  The transmission was somewhat garbled by interference, but as best we could make out, the base there is under assault by a group of radioactive mutants and in danger of being overrun.

I have sensed troubling changes in the mystic currents of that area.  I am going there to investigate and I need your help.  I hate to ask after all you’ve done here, but a hero’s work is never done.  Every second counts, so we must leave soon.”


You’ve saved Millennium City from the Qulaar invasion, not only earning the eternal respect of the Champions, but the key to the city from Mayer Bissell himself. No sooner have you begun to celebrate your victory amidst a crowd of cheering onlookers than your attention is diverted by two Champions greatly in need of your assistance; Witchcraft and Ravenspeaker. The former requests that you fly with her to Project Greenskin, where the PRIMUS soldiers are under siege from radioactive zombies, and are in desperate need of your help to ward off the sheer number of them. 

Think of the crisis zones in Champions Online as a cool story arc spanning a few issues of your favorite comic series, only instead of watching the action unfold with each turn of the page, you get to be part of the action and play the hero. This guide will provide a walkthrough of the Desert Disaster crisis zone, and we’ll do our best to keep you from getting radiation poisoning while you’re out there.

Before diving headlong into the details on what makes this particular crisis zone tick, here are a few basic tips that should prove useful in your mission to rid the desert of radioactive zombies and help PRIMUS get back on their feet in the area:

  • You have the option to travel between the Crisis in Canada and Desert Disaster at will, though you can only complete one of the two zones’ final boss missions to complete the mission arc.
  • While you’re not required to select a crafting profession to complete the crisis zone, the result of the quests listed below will be a Radiation Shield device that will be extremely handy once you reach the final boss confrontation at the end of the mission arc.
  • Around the statue of Grond, you’ll find radioactive bomb carriers.  Be careful to defeat them quickly and then disarm the bomb using “F” before it explodes in your face.  Or just run away like Sir Galahad if you’d prefer.
  • Most of the enemies in the desert have ranged attacks, so don’t be too surprised if you wind up being pelted with radiation from afar.  The only real danger you’ll face is when the hulking mutated behemoths are running amuck.  They’ll be the guys with four arms… can’t miss ‘em.
  • Built Ferd Tough is an optional quest specific to the Desert Disaster zone.  It’s not necessary for you to complete it, and it requires a team of at least three heroes, but the battle is a ton of fun, and the rewards more than worth it.
  • Each mission listed below will have the mission level in brackets for easy reference.
  • While the entire crisis zone can be completed solo, grouping can increase the challenge (and potential rewards) thanks to the Reinforcements system. This holds especially true for the final confrontation with Gigaton, which becomes a much more challenging (and fun) mission should you opt to go into the Forest Tomb with a few friends.


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