Champions Online: Guide to Therakiel’s Temple

Your hero knows that time is running out, and that the Apocalypse is close at hand. Your only hope is to defeat the vile half-angel/half-demon Therakiel.
Your hero knows that time is running out, and that the Apocalypse is close at hand. Your only hope is to defeat the vile half-angel/half-demon Therakiel. After seeing the horrible events in Vibora Bay Apocalypse, your hero knows that if they fail, the consequences will be dire. To that end, your hero joins with a few others to put an end to the darkness by entering Therakiel’s Temple.

Therakiel’s Temple is the newest Champions Online end-game lair found in Vibora Bay. The lair is a level 40 instance and is best tackled with a 5 person team. Once you get the Apocalypse Aversion! mission from Robert Caliburn, it’s time to head over to the High Apostolic Church, which is where Therakiel’s Temple is located.

This overview will give you the basics of the lair. It is not a step-by-step guide to finishing the dungeon or a strategy guide on how to win each individual fight. Its purpose to is to give you some useful tips, lay out some of the features of the lair, and give you the basics of what you can expect to find in Therakiel’s Temple.

Champions Online Vladic Dracul
Vladic Dracul
To complete the mission, your hero has to defeat 5 villains in all. They are Valerian Scarlet, Black Fang, Baron Cimetiere, Vladic Dracul, and Therakiel. Each of the bosses also has their respective minions which serve them.

Therakiel’s Temple is different from other lairs in Champions Online in that there are two different puzzles that players will have to get by to finish the mission. The first are statues in the likeness of Therakiel. These guardian statues will attack nearby heroes. There are also barrier statues, in the likeness of Therakiel, that need to be destroyed for the party to continue on. To defeat the statues, you will have to use a Divine Mirror; normal attacks will not do any damage. You can get a mirror from Caliburn when you first get into the instance. Make sure you get one! If something happens to your mirror, you can get another one from Caliburn after a boss fight. (After each boss fight, Caliburn makes an appearance.)

To destroy the statues by using the mirrors, you need to use the pools of light that you will see throughout the dungeon. One player will have to stand in the pool of light and use the mirror by clicking on a team member. The target team member can then use their mirror to damage, and eventually, destroy a statue. Please note that the mirrors do have a limited range.

The second puzzle to be found in Therakiel’s Temple is the angelic and demonic statues, which were created to repel angels and demons. These statues radiate a certain aura – Heavenly Light from the angel statues and Infernal Radiance from the demon statues. When a player steps near a statue, they will gain the aura from that statue. If a player gets close to a statue with the same aura as they currently have, they will be knocked back and take damage. If a player has a different aura than that of the statue, then they can pass. To replace the aura of a player, the player will have to walk by a statue with a different aura. Another way to lose the aura is to be defeated.

Light Statue in Therakiel's Temple
Dark Statue
Dark Statue in Therakiel's Temple
Light Statue

Boss Fight Special Rules

There are two twists to the boss fights in Therakiel’s Temple. The first is that each boss has a time limit before they become enraged. If you defeat the villain before the time limit, you’re golden. If not, their attacks hit you for twice the damage while they only take half damage from attacks. The time limits for each boss are:
  • Valerian Scarlet – 10 minutes
  • Black Fang – 8 minutes
  • Baron Cimetiere – 10 minutes
  • Vladic Dracul – 8 minutes
  • Therakiel – 20 minutes
The second twist to the boss fights is that a player can be locked out of the fight. If a player is defeated and they hit the respawn button, they are then locked out of the boss fight (except for Therakiel) until the boss is defeated or the entire team wipes. Therefore, it is best to keep track of your health and not drop.

Tip: To destroy the Immortals from the New Shadows, you will have to use a stake on them. You can get a stake by clicking on a coffin. These stakes have a limited existence time. If you don’t use a stake before you drop them, the Immortals will reform and attack you again.

Stopping Points
As the entire lair can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to complete, based upon how good your group is and how well they work together, there are two stopping points where you can pause and then come back later. These points are after the Black Fang and Vladic Dracul boss fights. At these points, Caliburn can give you a temple crystal, which acts as a save. However, you will need the exact same group of people to continue, so it isn’t all that helpful for a PUG.

After you defeat the first four bosses, then you will face the mighty Therakiel himself. Before you face him, you’ll be treated to a nice cut scene, then the battle will commence. In this fight, you will have to use your Divine Mirrors from time to time, either to free people who become trapped by Therakiel or to destroy statues that are summoned by Therakiel. The fight gets pretty wild as the gates of Heaven and Hell open up after Therakiel loses about a third of his health. Hopefully, you don’t suffer from motion sickness! After Therakiel is defeated, you can view his gruesome demise.

Tip: When you first encounter Therakiel, watch the animation that he uses before destroying the pillars. This is the sequence that he’ll use for a tremendous attack that will one-shot you if you aren’t blocking.

Bow down before the might of Therakiel!


Therakiel’s Temple is a well-designed lair and the various boss fights are different enough to make them interesting. While taking a good amount of time to do, a good group could do it at around two hours or less. (I’ve seen some claims that groups have done it in a little over an hour on some forums.) The only downside to the lair is that it is difficult to do with a PUG and that it relies upon the “holy trinity” of MMOGs, that being tank, healer, and DPS. Most players in Champions Online have heroes that don’t easily fit into a specific role. I know that mine doesn’t. A lot of players have made their characters versatile so they can more easily solo, which becomes somewhat counterproductive in dealing with fights that rely upon the standard trio of roles. Most PUGs are usually made up of 5 heroes that are used to going it solo, so teamwork and trying to fit into a specific role can be quite challenging.

Well, there you have it, my friends. I hope that the basics covered here for Therakiel’s Temple will steer you in the right direction. There are a few twists in this lair as compared to other lairs in Champions Online, and those twists make Therakiel’s Temple unique and a challenge to complete. My job is done, while yours is just beginning. Get off your duff and stop the Apocalypse!

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