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Champions Online Launches Hideouts Phase Four

Posted Fri, Aug 19, 2011 by Martuk

If your hero's hideout has been feeling a little cramped as of late, Champions Online has a few new options now available. Phase Four of Hideouts went live this week and added a new Primal Cave and Alchemist Sanctum Hideouts for players to choose from as their base of operations. The new Hideouts are available in the C-Store for 500 Cryptic Points. Check out the official announcement for more.

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Perfect World Entertainment has already made the move to mobile and now they’re making plans to head into the console space.

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Thu, Dec 19, 2013

Cryptic enhances hero customization for Champions Online with customizable auras that can be combined for unique visual effects.

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Fri, Nov 22, 2013

Cryptic sweetens the pot to tempt players to pony up and become lifetime subscribers and Champions Online.

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Thu, Nov 14, 2013

Perfect World Entertainment announces its Halloween plans for its online gaming lineup loaded with festive fun for shooters, heroes, and MMORPGs.

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Mon, Oct 28, 2013

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