Champions Online Delays Issue 5: Dark Tower Release

Champions Online players itching to continue the comic story content with Issue 5: Dark Tower will have to wait a little longer.
Issue 5: Dark Tower will send Champions Online players into the towers of the Kings of Edom to rescue Luther Black and the remaining soldiers lost in the Qliphothic Realm, but the mission has been scrubbed for today after a few issues turned up in the game's latest content. Instead, players will have to wait until tomorrow to launch their rescue mission.

Hi folks,

We're aware of the issues introduced with this latest update to Champions Online. Due to the issues, we'll be holding off on releasing Aftershock Issue 5 until tomorrow. This is being done to avoid introducing more variables while we work to solve the issues you are currently experiencing on the Live server.

Thank you for your patience,

The Champions Online Team

Source: Champions Online Forums

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