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Champions Online Update Brings Blood Moon Lite Events and Alert System Changes

Posted Thu, Oct 17, 2013 by Martuk

Champions Online gets a pair of new updates today with the arrival of the first part of its Halloween event and improvements to the Alert system. The Bloodmoon Lite event kicks off Halloween early in Millennium City today. The event offers players a chance to earn new festive prizes by defeating undead heroes, taking part in Trick-or-Treat events, and by confronting Takofanes’ Deathlords.

The Blood Moon Lite events are the first part of Champions Online’s Halloween plans and will run through Thursday, October 24th, 2013. On that same date, Cryptic will launch the second part of the event with the Blood Moon Rises Halloween Edition.

In addition to today’s Halloween events, Cryptic revealed new updates to the Alert system aimed at improving the gameplay experience. Today’s update swaps rewards for Grab and Smash Alerts, granting XP for an XP buff for Grabs and resources and a resource buff for Smashes. Cryptic also added a new level gate for the two Alert types with Grab Alerts requiring characters of at least level 10, Burst at level 15, and Smash at level 20.

Lastly, Cryptic changed the structure of queues to ensure that there will always be at least one of each of those three types of Alerts available at a time.

You can read today’s patch notes for a full rundown on the latest changes.

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