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Cryptic Details New Content and Itemization for Champions Online

Posted Fri, Jul 29, 2011 by Martuk

Cryptic has posted a new "Ask Cryptic" to answer another round of questions from the Champions Online community. New content seems to be the order of the day with inquiries about the next round of comic content, which is tentatively scheduled to launch on November 1st, 2011. While the process of creating the comic content series is a slow one, the team is looking at ways to streamline the process to deliver it faster.

Fans will also find questions relating to class powers, outfits and seasonal events in the update. There's even a little peek as to what the team has planned for expanding endgame content.

We have a reboot of sorts planned for how we handle items, and how we handle acquiring end game items, but in order to truly fix it... we're probably going to have to raise the level cap, and allow you to regear with the new itemization system during that period. This is clearly a long term process, and not something we'll be implementing overnight, but we've been discussing our endgame plans and itemization plans for a while, now.

Source: Ask Cryptic


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