Champions Online Sends Players to Another Dimension with Issue 3

A portal to chaos, destruction and maybe even crying kittens awaits players with Champions Online’s Issue 3 comic update.

As if joining Steam's network of gaming wasn't enough this week, Champions Online also launched the latest Issue new comic content series today aptly titled Issue 3: "A Long, Long Way From Home", and the latest part of this saga is making the previous Issues feel bad about themselves. As it turns out that VIPER fortress players were sent to investigate, yeah, it got teleported to the Qliphothic Realm, a dimension known for destruction, chaos and making kittens cry.

Can you save the heroes trapped in this dimension and find the way back home or will the evil denizens of this dimension be bathed in hero blood and kitten tears? Check out the Champions Online website to learn more about Issue 3: "A Long, Long Way From Home".

Source: Champions Online website

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