Whiteout Issue: 3 Cold and Calculating Now Available for Champions Online

Issue 3 of Champions Online’s Whiteout comic series gets underway with a new villain and mechanized henchmen.
Champions Online kicks off the third installment of its Whiteout comic content series with Issue 3: Cold & Calculating, expanding the story to include a new villain complete with mechanized henchmen bent on stealing alien tech from the downed Roin’esh ship.

Champions Online: Whiteout takes place over a six week period with a new Issue installment each week. The latest addition to the story, Issue 3: Cold & Calculating, is available now. Check out the Champions Online: Whiteout page for more details on the latest content.

You can sign up for a free account and download game for free on the Champions Online website.

Source: Comic Series 2: Whiteout Page

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