City of Heroes Announces Level Pact Changes for Freedom Update

City of Heroes prepares to announce the VIP head start date for Freedom and reveals some upcoming changes to the Level Pact system.
One of the most used features in City of Heroes (CoH) is the Level Pacts system, which was introduced with Issue 13 and allows two players to create two new characters that are permanently linked in levels, regardless of how much one or the other plays. With the upcoming launch of Freedom, that system will be undergoing some changes. Luckily, Paragon Studios is going to give VIP players a head start on the new content to give them a little extra time to partner up with a friend and experience new and old content before the system is disabled and goes under the knife for a revamp to better fit the changes that will go live with the Freedom build.

The head start date will be announced soon according to a recent update. At that time, players can continue to create new characters to use the system, but at the end of the head start, the system will be disabled until revamp work is complete. Characters created before the deadline will still be able to benefit from the older system, but no others will be able to utilize the system until it returns at a later date. Stay tuned and we'll update you when we have a solid date for the VIP head start.

Source: City of Heroes Fredom VIP and Level Pact Changes

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