City of Heroes Black Friday Sale Puts VIP Starter Kit on the Dollar Menu

By Stacy Jones -

Today is the notorious Black Friday shopping day, but you donÂ’t have to fight mobs of rampaging shoppers if youÂ’re looking for a City of Heroes deal. Paragon Studios opened up a Black Friday sale for fans of City of Heroes today that offers a number of in-game items and services at a discount.

If youÂ’ve been playing City of Heroes for free but have been considering an upgrade you can pick up the VIP Starter Kit today for only $0.99. The kit is only usable on free accounts and comes with one month of VIP subscription and benefits such as access to the City of Heroes: Going Rogue expansion, a stipend of 400 Paragon Points, one free character transfer per month and more. Additionally, a number of boosters and other in-game items are available throughout the sale.

The City of Heroes Black Friday sale starts today and ends on November 28th, 2011. Check out the City of Heroes website for a full list of what’s available.   

Source: City of Heroes Black Friday Sale Announcement

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